Welcome to PinkedIn MasterMind

Welcome, if you’re a purpose driven business woman, ready to get valuable feedback and ideas, set goals and be held accountable for achieving them, and you are ready to watch your business thrive, you are going to love it here…

PinkedIn MasterMind Women Are:


  • COMMITTED to serving our tribes because we believe in what we do and know that it is making a difference in our customers lives
  • AUTHENTIC because that is the secret to success, we are aware it is time to shine our lights and show others that they can do it too
  • WILLING to take imperfect action, measure, refine, and act again until we achieve success, we have a burning desire to succeed
  • ACKNOWLEDGE that we are the creators of our own success and move towards our goals each day with positive intent
  • AWARE that we all have unique and varied super-powers and that getting help from another PinkedIn Queen is the fastest way to succeed

Your Next Steps

1. Book Your Strategy Session with Michelle

This Strategy Session will help you to refine your strategic business direction so that you can get the most out your membership to PinkedIn MasterMind.

2. Complete the Goal Setting Module

The Goal Setting Module helps you to set your vision and goals. You will need to complete this before using the Accountability Tool.

How Does PinkedIn MasterMind Work?

We meet monthly online to:

* Learn new business tools, methods, systems, and tricks – short, sharp, and quick, effective business know to move you forward without the waffle.

* Brainstorm solutions to current business challenges – moving you forward powerfully.

* Make plans for the month ahead – if you don’t know where you are going you will not end up where you thought you would.

A MasterMind is a powerful tool for generating solutions that are completely out of the stratosphere let alone the box, and being part of a MasterMind that is exclusively for purpose driven women all pulling the same direction compounds PinkedIn MasterMinds effects.

How is the meeting run?

The meeting is usually run by the founder of the group but sometimes by other great businesswomen.  The meeting runs for one hour (quick and effective so you can get on with your day) unless all the group members agree to let it run over time if there is something of value to gain. 


How do I log into the meeting?

The links to book yourself in to the monthly meetings can be found at the top of this page. Once you have booked yourself in you will get emails containing the link to the meetings.

The meeting is online using Zoom so you will get to see all participants. You can mute your microphone or stop your video at any time.  

What do I do before the meeting?

Before the meeting you should have looked at your tab on the Accountability Tool to consider your progress over the last month and decide on your traffic light rating (details of this in the video about the Accountability Tool).  In the first part of the meeting you will share your biggest win in relation to your goal and your traffic light colour.


What happens if I can't make the meeting?

Live participation is where the magic of the MasterMind is felt so we encourage you to make participation in the meeting a priority.  

We make the meeting sharp and snappy so they don’t take up too much of your time, and early morning before working hours.

The meetings are not recorded for the privacy of the participants but you can log into zoom on your phone (if you download the app) and then you can participate from anywhere.

What time are the meetings?

 The monthly meetings are the first Friday of every month at 7:00am +12GMT (New Zealand time).

Meetings run for one hour unless all the group members agree to go over time.


How do I get help with a business challenge?

If you have a current business challenge you would like help, just tell us, we are here to support you.  The facebook group is the best way to connect.

If you are being MasterMinded by the group you will be asked to state your challenge clearly and succinctly in under 3 minutes. Don’t be tempted to go into why what you tried did not work, we will ask clarifying questions as needed.  Then members of the group will come up with ideas and suggestions and for you.

You will find that your own ideas will be firing left right and centre during a MasterMind meeting regardless of whether you are in the hot seat being helped or not.

What if I have an issue with the MasterMind?

You contact the founder directly at michellebusinesscoach@gmail.com 

  Accountability Tool

The Accountability Tool will help you to plan out your steps to success and then keep you accountable for achieving them. This system works, every time, if you follow it.  The Accountability Tool will help you to:

* Connect to your why, your vision and your goals (vital for success)

* Plan out your Annual Strategic Plan

* Break that plan into manageable quarterly goals

* Focus each month on a step towards achieving your goals

* Plan your weeks and days

* Review your progress

* Alleviate overwhelm and give you easy next steps to take


The Accountability Tool is a system which has helped countless women get a handle of their business and accelerate their results.  It is a spreadsheet because this is the easiest and most effective way to handle to a large amount of information. If you are anything like me your heart might be flip flopping at the thought of a spreadsheet, but trust me, you will get a handle on it and come to love spreadsheets (not kidding).  There is a video for you below to show you how to navigate and use the Accountability Tool.

NOTE: The Accountability Tool is a live SHARED spreadsheet. That means that all members have access to the spreadsheet. Do not alter any tab other than your own, and please do not save information here that you are not comfortable sharing (bearing in mind that we are your tribe and fully support you so you can be as brave as you like).

If you need support with your Accountability Tool, then the Members Only FACEBBOK GROUP is a great source of help.

Access to the Tool

The Accountability Tool is a optional part of PinkedIn MasterMind. You can access it by clicking here.

Instructional Video

This short clip explains how to fill in and use the Accountability Tool.