PinkedIn MasterMind


A MasterMind exclusively for women in business who are here to make a difference in the world



If you are ready to make a difference in the world then this Mastermind is for you!

– let’s get you BIGGER, BOLDER and BETTER in business. 


You will love this MasterMind if you are:

* Purpose driven, you know that what you do makes a difference in your customers lives

* You are ready to get real results real fast

* You are ready to ditch the waffle and take action

* You are ready for some practical input

* You would love the support of a tribe of women who have the same beliefs and business drive as you

* You would thrive with a bit of added accountability

* You want to set and achieve some serious goals and take action towards those goals

* You know that mindset matters and you are ready to get serious about succeeding


Oh my gosh Michelle Clarke the PinkedIn call was just so explosive and valuable. I have spent so much time researching social media, what to do, not to do. It’s so exhausting and time wasting!! The call this morning has given me so much insight and understanding and now knowing what my steps are I am so ready to get ROCKING!!!

Sandra Drinkwater

Director, Pet Brands



What Does PinkedIn MasterMind Include?



 – A Monthly MasterMind Think Tank meeting (all online) with a small group of like minded business women with a variety of expertise, experiences, know-how and ideas to share – this is where we get down and dirty and brainstorm new directions and ideas for your business (valued at $199)

– A beginning Strategy Session with a qualified and experienced business acceleration coach, one on one, to clarify your strategic business direction (valued at $399)

– Goal setting module (valued at $299)

–  Accountability Tool (which is the exact system I use to make my business successful) to keep track of your goals and progress (valued at $99)

– Access to shared tools and templates

– Members only FaceBook support group


 Why? Because it is my purpose in life to empower women to show up bravely in business so that you can get on with sharing your superpower with the world and make it a better place for all of us, and, show the next generation that there is a better way. Sounds grandiose? Don’t care, sorry not sorry, life is just too short to be anything but bald faced honest :).

PinkedIn is a MasterMind group just for women who are here to build purpose driven empires. Why? Because we are unique and as yet, there is nothing out there that quite fits us.

We need a place where we can be:

🔥 True to our nature and not be judged for that.

🔥 A place where we can finally be authentic.

🔥 Where we can build the courage to grow our empires and get on with improving the world.


We don’t need people telling us to be happy with what we have, or to be careful, or that we can’t compete with such and such. Because we can… and we must.  You see, we are here for a purpose much bigger than ourselves. If you are here on this page, trust that you are here for a reason. Even if it feels scary, take the plunge.


PinkedIn is:

✨ A safe place for you to grow.

✨ A place where you will be challenged to increase your reach.

✨ An instant support group of like minded people pulling in the same direction.




What is a Monthly MasterMind Meeting

A Mastermind is a group which meets one a regular basis to brainstorm and strategise for the purpose of growing each members business.  A Mastermind connects several minds together to yield outcomes far greater than the sum of its parts (we will explain how later).  Everyone who is serious about having a massive impact has used a Mastermind to yield powerful results,  yet Masterminds remain a little known secret. If you would like access to some of the greatest female entrepreneur minds and knowledge, get creative ideas to power you forward, connect with a tribe of women who will understand and support you, get traction in your business, have an advantage over your competitors, and move forward powerfully, then read on.


Why is a MasterMind so Powerful?

Something magical happens when you join a group of people together who are pulling in the same direction, often ideas come to you that are so far beyond what you thought you were capable of you have to wonder if you are tapping into collective consciousness in these groups (I would say we are).  Each of the members bring a different set of super powers and insider knowledge, giving the group access to information not usually available for want, begging, nor purchase, and that is priceless. 



Being part of this group has been amazing, I have been able to really grow, be inspired by the others in the group, and have learnt so much. It has really taken the doubt and insecurities of setting up and running a successful business away. If you are ready to take your business seriously and want support to do that, then I highly recommend you join.
Mel McGee

More About the Accountability Tool



The Accountability Tool will help you to plan out your steps to success and then keep you accountable for achieving them. This system works, every time, if you follow it.  The Accountability Tool will help you to:

* Connect to your why, your vision and your goals (vital for success)

* Plan out your Annual Strategic Plan

* Break that plan into manageable quarterly goals

* Focus each month on a step towards achieving your goals

* Plan your weeks and days

* Review your progress

* Alleviate overwhelm and give you easy next steps to take


The Accountability Tool is a system which has helped countless women get a handle of their business and accelerate their results, and it will help you to.  

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