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Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to learn to make friends with money.  

That can be harder than it sounds. If you participated in the FREE Mastering Money Mindset ONLINE WORKSHOP you will have already realized that you have some pretty strong money stories playing in the background.

Those money stories have been there for a long time, and so they are going to take some time to shift. 

All the activities this week are focused around you learning to welcome money into your life.

We are going to make this first week fairly light and fun, we don’t want to send your brain into panic mode and shut it down before we have even started.



Why you need to do it:

When we feel better about money we are able to ‘turn off’ some of the those alarm bells ringing in our head.

Those alarm bells are messages about money that have held us back up until this point.

We need to release those beliefs in order to move forward, but first, we must help our minds to feel ‘safe’ so they don’t go into shut down mode – that is, we are going to work on creating a fun and safe environment in relation to money in this first week so that we can dig deeper in week 2.



What you actually need to do:

Go to the lesson downloads section above on the right hand side – here you will find all your resources for this weeks challenges.

Challenge 1: Listen to the Feel Good About Money Meditation at least once a day, even if you are not sitting still and paying attention these messages will be making it through to your subconscious, so listen as often as you can. These messages help to install (or restore) a healthy money mindset so that money can flow more easily into your life.  Everyday life tends to dent a healthy money mindset and we need to be vigilant to stay on the stay right track, and listening to these pre-made affirmations is the easiest way to do just that!

Challenge 2: Rename your bank accounts, to something fun and exciting. Some examples include: Big Love Shared Money Account; Lavish Holiday Fund; Money Maker; Wealth Warrior: Magnificent Money. Basically, use any name that makes you feel great about money. The purpose behind this activity is to make you feel GOOD every time you check on your finances.

Challenge 3: Write out lists of all the amazing things that you can do with money. The purpose here is to get you thinking about money in a positive light and to stimulate the desire part of your brain (this will be important for manifesting your reality later on).

Challenge 4: Come up with a money theme song. You know that song, “What is love, baby don’t hurt me?” Well, some of us think about money like that too! So instead, we need a great money theme song. Put on your favourite song and change the words to get all loved up about money.

Challenge 5: Change the way you think about wealthy people. We often have weird ways of thinking about wealthy people and if we think that they are ‘undesirable sorts’ then we will subconsciously stop ourselves from becoming like them. This activity will help you to see wealth in a positive light.

Challenge 6: Start building towards a positive money future. It is easy to get stuck in the grind of daily life, this activity helps you to take a small step towards building a positive money future every week for as little as $1 a week.  Not only will it change how you feel about money, but it will give you a sense of taking action.

Challenge 7: Money Games. Playing games is a great way to change your money mindset. It is fun and non threatening, so it gives your mind an opportunity to associate money with pleasure.

Well done, you made it to the end of the first week of the 30 day Money Mindset Challenge. By now you should be feeling like money might be more friend than foe. Go ahead and jump on into the second week of the challenge.


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