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Knock Out The #1 Ageing Factor - The Sun


 Sun is one of the biggest ageing factors and one of the easiest to do something about. 

One product that has changed my life, literally, is “Brush on Block” invented by Australian make-up artist Susan Posnik after getting skin cancer because she would not wear sunscreen (because it messed up her make-up – I get it).

This  Brush on Block” is one of the most popular products in our salon. You simply pop the tube in your handbag and whip it out to apply sunscreen straight over your make-up (it is a powder that reduces shine and refreshes your look – bonus!) every 3 hours or so in the winter and every hour in the summer.  Nothing sticks to your face because the sunscreen is a powder (a natural powder), it is not sticky (so no more having fingerprints everywhere) and it is great to use on fast moving kids and bald men too! 

Your bonus for completing the first video is the Brush on Block for only $27, you can purchase it by clicking here.



Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to learn the truth, the real truth about skin ageing.




Why you need to do it:

 Finding out the reasons behind skin ageing might surprise you but it will help you to make informed decisions about your skin in the future.

Knowledge is power!



What you actually need to do:

For this lesson you will need to:

1. Watch the short video above

2. Find a way to drink at least 2 litres of water a day

3. Click through to the next lesson to find out how to beat ageing and improve cirrculation to the skin.


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