Matching Your Core Business To Your Core Values


Your mission for this lesson is to dig into your Core Values and then take that a step further by applying those core values to Actionable Value Statements that directly apply to your business.

Even if you think you already know your core values I would encourage you to do this activity, core values morph and move priority levels as we evolve.


This sounds simplistic, but if you ensure that your core business matches your core values you will be onto a winner. 

Doing any activity, including running a business, which is not aligned to our core values ultimately leads to exhaustion and frustration.


1. Watch the video below

2. Open up the Core Values Workbook PDF below

3. Complete the Core Values Exercise

4. In the final section of the workbook you will find a table that asks you to turn your core values into Actionable Value Statements, here I want you to apply your core values to actual business functions or outcomes.

*Those value matched business functions will provide real clarity and motivation later on down the track for you as you continue to grow your business. You see, the thing is when you are operating out of alignment with your soul you are of course in alignment with your core values. Therefore, by knowing your core values you can be sure that you will be making the right strategic decisions for your business = easy success the flow way!

Here is your Matching Your Core Values Activity PDF