Discovering Your Clients Fears, Desires and Goals


Here we take the fears, desires and goals of your ideal client and craft the perfect solution.

Sounds perfectly easy doesn’t it?

And it is, you have done the hard work. You know:

* Who your ideal client is

* What they want and need

* What language they use

* What else is out there on offer

* What it is that you are offering

* Why your offering is so unique and desirable


Clarifying your unique solution is vital. Really really vital, you really need to nail this.

Your solution needs to be clear so that:

* Your client will know exactly what you are offering – if there is any confusion they will not buy 

* Your client understands how your offering is unique – it needs to be different to all the other fluff out there to stand out 

* You know what is and is not included so you can price it properly later on – changing your price later on can be costly and time consuming

* You need to know who it is not for as well as who it is for so that you don’t waste your time marketing to the wrong people


1. Watch the video.

2. Grab your research from the previous lessons.

3. Open up the Clarifying Your Unique Solutions Workbook and follow the prompts. 

4. There is a little bonus for you here to celebrate how far you have come. If you feel like you are ready, you can download the Crafting the Script for Your Offering and get to work on crafting a marketing message for each of your offerings right now, or you can come back to this later after you have completed the marketing module.

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