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Weekly Trainings

Witch wound release

This work with Raphael and Metatron will move past energetic wounds and stuckness from your body and then move into releasing witch wounds on an energetic level.

Waterfall Cleanse and Desire Pull

This beautiful training will fully clear your energetic bobdy and call forth your desires.  At this time it is very important to cleanse our enegertic bodies regularily and throuoghly. This waterfall will heal all parts of your body and your energy feild.

Healing our heart energy and the earth

This beautiful training heals the energy in your heart and will have you feel so light sparkly and healed, and then shows you how to tranmute yuour love ray and healing vibes into hte world and the earth.

Expriencing Money as Love Energy

This training is super high vibe, we first clear with phoenix fire energy and then a galactic healing chamber before diving in to experience money as pure love energy.

Astral Travel

Find out my exact method for safe astral travel and how to keep your body safe while you are off learning about your most needed learning right now and take a sneak peek into your future.

Clearing chakras with sonic booms

A deep galactic clearing of all chakras followed by a stepping into deep personal truths

Releasing with Godess Kali

This is a super powerful training with Goddess Kali. It does go quite fast because we deal with each and every chakra and all areas of your life, so you might want to listen to it all and then do each chakra and door again – one each night over 12 nights.

Earth Star Chakra and Physical Body Clearing

2022 is set to be an EPIC year of receiving and in order to receive we must first cleanse. This beautiful activation and cleanse meditation will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to recieve!

Removing Core Wounds with Metatron and Merlin

Releasing and learning from core wounds or memories on an energetic level with galactic support.  Taking the learning emotionally, physically, spiritually and applying them to what is occurring in your life right now.

Wealth Flow Activation

Dive into the matrix with me and explore what it is time to release in order to step more fully into your wealth flow before diving into the river of abundance to receive.

Installing a Galactic Medicine Bag

This meditation is VERY galactic. We first go into a forest for an individualied cleansing and then we have a whole new energy centre installed for galactic healing.

Galactic Clearing of all chakras

This is energetic clearing at it’s best! Go deep, reallly deep  on all levels to shift blockages and move forward fast.

Releasing blockages to receiving

This training takes us back to the place of our soul families and allows us to release some of the core wounds that stop us from receiving fully.

Releasing fear and stuckness with the dolphins

This video takes us on a deep dive into the ocean with our dolphin friends to release stuckness and fear from our chakras so that we can receive fully.

Tapping into your truest and deepest desires

We utilize the power of the Tarus Moon to tap into that which we turely desire with laser like focus. Be prepared to be surprised and to get really super clear.

Claiming new levles of self worth

A beautiful deep and grounding magical tree experience to seep you deeply into your self worth so that you can shine bravely in the world.

Messages around 2022 ascension and filtering messages

This mediation will firstly activate you with fire energy (which you will LOVE) and then show you how to filter messages through your chakras..

Activation for 2022 and Calling in Guides

Calling forth your spirtual support team for 2022 and revealing  a deeper inner vision

Discovering your true desires

This training with the dolphins takes us on a nature tour, showing us all of our body, earth and galactic chakra’s and then showing us our deepest desires.

The Tides of Flow

Letting the tide take us out feels so flow, so good and is actually the peace and tranquitlity that we all seek. It is already there, already availible to us, waiting for us!  Yet we are taught. toresist the flow, to fear the flow. This guided meditation will help you to not only see YOUR flow but what is holding you back from it.

Operating in a whole new way

This training takes us on a journey to discover, to unveil, what has changed and delivers us new ways of operating in this world that will propel us forward to abundance and joy.

Receiving Galatic Messages

We take a trip to Paladies today to receive messages and clarity about your path forward

MMM: Finding Your Magic 

* We all have magic inside of us and finding it allows us to achieve results in ease and flow

*  Find out how you have impacted lives in the past

* Discover your magic

* Ramp up your certainty and confidence 

MMM: Selecting New Modes of Soul Operation

Often times we use the same old tools and responses to situations, and those same actions will lead us to the same outcomes

*  Find new ways of operating to get new results

* Discover your signature energy

* Learn 5 new soul modes of operation

MMM: Increasing your visibility – all about energetics!

In this new era of energies the old forms of protection are actually outdated and holding us back. We need new forms of protection and new ways to be visible.

*  A massive hook removal exercise

* Remove the old shields

* Installing a brand new form of protection and way of being visible to clients

MMM: What you need to know about you and abundance today

There is always knowledge hidden from us that we can tap into by working in other dimensions and today we work with our lovely dolphins again.

*  A beautiful full body cleanse

* Chakra activation and new codes installed

* Connecting with root chakra and discovering what we need to know about abundance in our lives right now

MMM: The inner child work and coming from complete trust

In order to make bold business decisions, we need to come from complete trust. Sometimes old wounds need to be cleared so that we can move forwards in business.

*  Heal your inner child – toe-dip into shadow work

* Heal wounds with the violet flame

* Connect past occurrences to your current business desires to move forward powerfully

MMM: discovering why we are not receiving $$$

Receiving love and our hang ups around that affect the way we recieve everything.

*  Find out your personal link between money and love

* Discover the ‘thought’ holding you back from next level success

* Find your aligned actions

MMM: Getting to the root cause and discovering your next step forward

You can use this technique when you are wondering how to move forward in any area of your life, be that money blocks, business blocks, health issues, mindset snags, or any other thing.

*  Finding out your hearts deepest desires

* Discovering your hidden blocks

* Finding out your next steps forward

Discovering your life’s purpose

In order to really hear our paths we need to be a clear channel, this meditation takes you deeply down into a place where you can hear clearly what it is that you are here to do

*  Meet your soul family

* Hear your specific life’s mission

* Talk to your guides

Getting a New Emotional Tool Kit

The way we operate and use our emotional tool kit can either support our being magnetic to clients and abundance or stem the flow

*  We work with Merlin energy during this session

* Choosing or upgrading your emotional toos

* Revealing steps forward

Jumping into flow river

There are things that we resist and sometimes we have to just trust instead…

*  Clearing energy channels

* Choosing the thing that we are resisting

* Revealing the hidden clues

What are you choosing on repeat?

It is easy to get the same results instead of new ones and get frustrated right?

*  Discover what you are choosing on repeat that is getting the same results

* See where you have options to choose something new

* Come away with new aligned actions to move you forward

Getting from where you are now to where you want to be

Taking action is important for your business growth, but the actions must be aligned actions

*  Discover what you really want

* See the next three things that you need to do in order to reach your dreams

* Feel the energy of your success and connect to that daily

Releasing The Reasons You Are Stopping Yourself From Achieving Your Goals

Underlying all the frustration and stuckness are some deeper reasons for you not calling in the results you seek right now

*  Discover why you might NOT want what you seek

* Explore the deeper reasons

* Release blockages galatically

Releasing Core Wounds Holding You Back

Underlying all the fears will be one sneaky core wound

*  It is time to unravel this so you can power forward

* Plus get to know your guides a little better

* And come away with your next aligned action

Releasing Deep Money Fears

In order to be an energetic match for abundance we must be a clear the old beliefs that are creating a push/pull energy and holding us back from success. 

*  A whole new way to clear the energy in your body

* Introduction to working with ETs, dolphins in this case

* Peel back 3 layers of money fears to work on further in your journal

Magical Crystal Healing Journey

In order to be an energetic match for success we must be a clear channel. 

* If you doing all the ‘things’ and your offer is soul aligned but is still not coming in, then doing this energetic clearing is your best next step

* Dealing with ‘energies’ lodged as shadows in the etheric field prevents them from lodging into reality

* Instantly clear your energetic body with these three great ‘activities’ inside this meditation

Heart Space Clearing

In order to call forth that which we desire we must be a clear channel, a match for that frequency and often energy gets stuck at the heart chakra, this meditation

* Clears the heart space

* Allows you to communicate with your next  incoming guide

* Shows you your hearts deepest current desire

Accessing extra goodies and gifts from the multiverse to power up business results

We access less than 10% of what is actually available to us, this training helps you to short circuit ‘the work’ and dive straight into great results!

* Access the quantum

* Talk directly to your guides

* Install new gifts and tools instantly

Busting through money blockages and calling money into your life energetically

If you are not calling money in, in the quantities you desire right now, then energetics is the answer

* Uncover blockages so you can resolve them

* Become an energetic match for divine wealth

* Grab hot new tools to allow money to flow into your life

New Energetic Operating System

We have entered a new era and we need to operate in a whole new way.

* The journal prompts that will up-level you

* The new decisions for your business that will allow you to be magnetic

* A new method for calling in your success – daily practice shared

Funnels Training

Funnels need a certain starting point and progression towards a solution to be effective. This training shows you how to:

* Think about the ONE THING that your client really NEEDS

* Hone down your focus and find one keyword that resonates with your audience * Think about your first funnel step, your LOW-END OFFER, we talk prices and how that content will be consumed

* Create your next funnel progression to your UPSELL (your medium-sized offer) and then move onto your CORE PRODUCT which is your signature offering

Trust Training

The number one thing standing in the way of your success is trust.

This 90 minutes will blow the pants off your trust blocks! 

  • HOW to find trust – the actual steps I use
  • Remembering you are and how that relates to you OF COURSE succeeding
  • Becoming an energetic match for that which you seek

The Most Effective & Soul Aligned Weekly Review & Planning System

Planning out your weeks is VITAL to reaching your goals, and while most of you will already be doing that:

* reviewing your strat plan

* ensuring your rocks are on your weekly plan

* using your google calendar to keep you on track

* using power hours to ‘get it all done’

It is possible that you are skipping out on the most important part of the process THE WEEKLY REVIEW because it does not feel so important. This training takes you through an actual live review (mine) and shows you just how powerful it is.

The questions I use for my Weekly Review & Planning session are: REVIEW

1. What went really well this week? What did I learn? what am I most proud of?

2. Where did I not stick to the plan? Why?

3. What do I need to start, stop, keep?


5. How did I show up as the Queen of offers this week [insert current focus]


How am I tracking for my 1/4 goals?

What is coming up in my calendar?

What do I decide to focus on next week? What do I decide to manifest next week?

What are the aligned actions that I get to take? Put it all in your diary

Flipping it all on its head: The Rage Journey

Claiming back your mother fucking power, the RAGE JOURNEY.

This exercise was channeled and it is indeed powerful! What will come out will surprise you.

When we don’t let the rage out, when we bottle it up, it slows us down and drags us off course. But we are so used to stuffing it down cause ‘good girls’ don’t make a fuss and for goodness sake just be grateful will you? 

Well, let me share a secret, the rage is good, it is actually just a message like any other feeling. So let’s dive into it and explore those messages. And don’t worry, we do indeed flip it all on its head and end up feeling amazing!

    Releasing Sales Blockages

    So you are doing all the damn work, you are following all the damn systems, you are even voicing your truth so why taf are things still not flowing for you?

    Blockages, stories, and other nonsense.

    What can you do? Release, baby, release. Here is a full moon release ceremony for you.

      Annual Strategic Planning Template

      Feeling lost?

      Feeling hazy?

      Strategic Planning my friend. This is where it is at!

      Here is a link to the trello board I have created

        Your Money Alignment Check

        Wondering where all the damn money is?

        Feel like something is missing?

        Grab this checklist and get yourself back on track.


          5 Steps to Business Acceleration

          Learn how to set an Annual Strategic Plan

          Expand it out to 1/4 goals and a road map to success

          Learn how to stay on track


            Getting you online FAST

            • Step one: get an online booking system (one that links with zoom). I find that acuity works best for most of my clients.  Set it up with: appointment types; reminder emails; integrate it to zoom and google calenders
            • Purchase the lower-end package for zoom and integrate it with acuity and your calendar
            • Send out links for people to book into your one on one calls or your classes/live webinars 
            • At the time of your meeting, click into the class which will already be in your calendar to start the online session. Note you can stream from zoom to a Facebook group for private paid events or a Facebook page for public events

            Changing up the way you do business so you can scale up without burning out

            * There is so much that you can do to scale your business and sometimes all it takes is a shift in mindset

            *  Explore your options for expansion

            *  Find out why you need to get up with play – like NOW

            Getting yourself out there and boosting the visibility of your business

            * Why your brand matters

            *  How you can get more eyeballs on you

            *  Some hot tips for being BRAVE

            Money Mindset Meditation 2

            When  you need a money mindset boost, you can’t past this meditation.

            Money Mindset Meditation 3

            This one is lots of fun. You will like this. Lay back and manifest wealth.

            If you find yourself in a slump today watch this little ‘kick in the pants’

            Need to plan a live event real fast? This is your go-to training.

            We talk about why live events are so good for business, then move on into deciding content, the exact order you should plan your event in and the steps required for each part.

            Risk Assessment as it relates to small businesses like yours

            Even small soul-led businesses net to assess and mitigate risks, but only big corporates can afford a dedicated Risk Assesment Manager. Luckily for you, I was one.  Here I soul-up this souless corporate process for you so that you can apply it to your business.  This video was recorded live in response to wide-spread corona virus spin-out in 2020 so bear with the references and the rant.

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