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Hi, I’m Michelle Clarke & I’m thrilled to see you here…

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As an empowerer of women worldwide, I have a vision of us standing together bravely bringing our purpose work to the world. You and I know that things have shifted already and that it is time for the world to operate differently. I know that you can feel the shift too, and that sometimes it feels like there is an invisible elastic band holding you back from reaching the success you know is yours.  On this page, you have access to the keys which will cut that elastic band and spring you forward more powerfully than you ever though possible.  In case we have not met before online or in person, here are a few things you should know about me. I stand for:

What I Stand For


 Making business fun as hell and super successful while not taking ourselves too seriously – if its not fun it doesn’t get done!


Breaking the rules and doing everything the flow way, it really is so much easier than you have been led to believe

Bringing heart and soul back into business and being authentically you at all times, your soul already knows what to do

Getting you to show up like the Queen you were born to be so you can  get on with changing the world


Busting the bullshit that holds you back, loving triggering you so you can deal with that which is blocking your success

What course should I start with?  OMG don’t ask me that, anything but that! YOU are the only person who can actually answer that, so this is what I suggest you do:

1. Disengage your brain – it makes the dumbest scaredy cats decisions anyhoo

2. Pick a training which grabs your eye or your heart

3. Read the blurb, if you start to feel expansive, a bit warmer, a bit buzzy, a bit afraid – PICK THAT ONE!


The truth is this… you literally cannot pick the wrong course, anything you pick will light you on fire because you will only to be lead to what is exactly right for you at this time.

If you are one of my gals who needs a nudge, then go ahead and pick any course using the above method, and if you not stumble across the upfront or hidden benefit within a couple of months of completing the training, then hit me up for a full refund.

Michelle xxx

Here are the Courses Currently On Offer

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Hot As Hell Alignment: Get your freaky flow on to 10x your business results

Cut through the Bullshit and smash through the glass ceiling. Hold onto your panties for this one darling cause it’s a game changer!

  • Smash the impostor monster once and for all
  • Alignment so damn hot you will instantly know at any given moment what to say and do
  • Cut through the waffle and show up as the real version of you in business bursting with confidence and making all the sales
  • Insane bonus goodies on the table, and money-back guarantee

The Focus Shake-Down: remove the blockage slowing you down

Cut through all the waffle and distractions and get on with building your business like a pro.

  • Smash thought procrastination in seconds
  • Find out the focus secrets used by all the top business gurus
  • Become the honed biz person so you can get through 3 times as much work and get on with enjoying your free time
    10 x your biz results in half the time

Time Wrangling: the real 'how to' secrets of getting shiz done

Fast paced three module, 10 lesson short course to get you organized

  • Claim back 10 hours every week!
  • You can do it all and have it all – find out how
  • All the strategies I use personally to get shiz done
  • Reduce the overwhelm, achieve your goals, and create space for you enjoy the life you are creating

Mastering Money Mindset: calling in the $$$ doallaroos!

Get a handle on your money mindset to grow your business:

  • Kick old money stories to the curb to power up your business
  • Smash through the glass ceiling holding you in place
  • Find out how to get a handle on your finances
  • Powerful webinar to crush your old stories and move you forward
  • 30 days of powerful money manifesting exercises

The Foundations of a Thriving Business: get in flow now

Start with solid foundations and your business will thrive and survive.

  • Create a Hell Yes Life.
  • Find your Tribe.
  • Take an honest look at who you are and how you respond.
  • Communicate your message authentically.

Scale Up Your Business: the exact system I use to scale any business

Are you done with playing small, are you ready to serve more people, change more lives? Then it’s time to scale up babe. If you want the actual steps that I have taken (over and over again) to scale up multiple different business this is for you.

  • The five secret steps to scaling any business
  • A step by list of everything you need to do

Goal Setting: the amped up flow version of goal setting!

Being clear about your goals and setting a clear vision for your business from the start will ensure success.

  • Vision setting.
  • Goal setting.
  • Extending your goals.
  • Keeping on track.
  • Measuring results.

Defining Your Business: real business clarity and refinement

Take a hard look at yourself and your business so that you can easily communicate to others clear details about your products and services.

  • Refine your business idea.
  • Communicate your offer clearly.
  • Connect with your core values.
  • Your big why.
  • Know what you really stand for.

Extreme Business Clarity: honing in on your marketing messages

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, let’s get serious and really kick ass.

  • Decide what you are an expert at.
  • Refine your key benefits.
  • Understand your ideal client or customer.
  • Clarify your unique solutions.

The 6 Rules of Getting Shiz Done: the secret stuff no one told you

If you are stuck in a rut and going nowhere because you are too busy procrastinating, follow the 6 rules to getting Shiz done.

  • Planning.
  • Get stuck in.
  • Avoid overwhelm.
  • Finding inner wisdom.
  • Trust yourself.

Building Business Resilience

Navigate with confidence the ups and downs of business. Have the skills to endure and become a long term business operator.

  • Gain clarity about how you operate and respond in business.
  • Better understand your superpower.
  • Make fast and efficient business decisions.
  • Write and commit to your business manifesto

Launch That Online Course: the know-how, the steps, the success

Ready to go online with your course? Learn the steps to ensure an easy and profitable launch.

  • Content.
  • Marketing research.
  • Subscriptions and landing pages.
  • Sales funnels and enrolments.

Cracking Course Creation: a no holds barred teaching degree download

A tried and tested formula to guide you through course creation so that you can save time and avoid overwhelm.

  • Deciding what to create.
  • Choosing what your clients or customers need to know.
  • Understanding learning styles.
  • Course platforms and marketing.

Making Great Videos: all the tools, tips and cheats

People buy off people they like, video allows your audience to get to know and like you quickly.

  • Matching your appearance with your message.
  • Voice skills.
  • Where to record.

Manifest Like a MOFO: manifest the flow way like a pro

What you think and say influences how you show up in your businesses.

  • Better manage your thoughts.
  • Altering your word pattern for success.
  • Creating a strong business vision.
  • The power of manifestation.

Becoming The Queen You Already Are: This is the training for you if you are ready to up-level

Not for the faint of heart, this training asks you to up-level and own all of who you truly are.

  • Finding out who you are really are and what it takes to step into that reality
  • Developing the mindset of the queen who rules her empire
  • Getting the support you need to serve, clearing that which no longer serves
  • Your coronation day

If you are ready for the powered up, no holds barred version of up-levelling the bejesus out of your business then this is where it is at…

You’ve got to sign up for this amazing creation FemPowered Empire Building. What Michelle created here is a one of a kind  ‘Wikipedia for Entrepreneurs”, you can not fail here, the only way is moving forward in here.  All your insecurities are answered and  laid out in easy to access modules and, wait  there is always more’.  Michelle seems to be always one step ahead of you, as soon as your question marks pop up in your head, you can bet on it Michelle has created another section in her course to answer your question. The  online groups are a powerful resource of mindset mastering and upcoming questions and worries get settled there and then by Michelle.
This is truly a life time membership as this is the backbone of your entrepreneurial life. – Christiane Ebert.

FemPowered Empire Building Includes:

The weekly coaching – 1 session for individual help with your biz challenges, and 1 session for new biz systems and growth.

Access to additional free trainings, templates, and tech tools

All my online courses for FREE – 3 foundational courses to set you up and then you select one a month.

And all with no contracts.

Finally, a monthly subscription based programme which gives you everything you need at an affordable price with payment plans available.

This programme really does deliver.  We don’t just tell you ‘what’ you need to do, we ‘show’ you how to do it, and give you all the cheats & the templates to save you time and frustration.

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