Find out why others get great benefit from group coaching, click the video below to hear from some of the FemPowered Empire Building members directly

FemPowered Empire Building Will Lead You on a Journey to…

Extreme Clarity, Crystal Clear Vision and a Road Map to get there: Get full clarity on what you truly want the most at this point in your business and life, take a deep dive into your goals, dreams and burning desire to set a vision and clear path forward so you can see exactly where your focus should be to create the business and lifestyle you desire.  We take you through step by step with easy (no waffle) videos and done for you templates, to cover everything you need and nothing you don’t – giving you the foundation you need to power forward with certainty.


Business Foundations & Turbo Charged Time-Management made easy: Here we hone your business vision to great heights before setting kickass goals and building a road map of next steps for you, making achievement entirely possible without overwhelm – never sit at your desk and think ‘what next’ ever again.  Then we get a handle on your days, weeks and months so you can actually create your dream life and business. We will be walking you through some super easy yet powerful tools and systems to wrangle at least another 10 hours out of every week so you can succeed without the overwhelm.


Silencing the critic in your head so you can show up like a real business boss: A deep dive to really nail the root cause of your imposter syndrome, money mindset, and distraction techniques so that you can show up like a BOSS and get on with making your vision happen! Not only will we be eliminating everything you’ve felt in the past towards yourself, whether negative or unhelpful, we’ll be diving into transforming the way you see yourself using strategies which you can use over and over again to keep you on track in the future.


Streamline EVERYTHING to make running your dream business effortless: Save time, money and frustration by learning all the systems & automation hacks to streamline your business to make it rock!   Learn how to show up and run your business like the business rock star you are, get a handle on your finances, and your sales. Then learn how to apply business and personal health rhythms that keep you on track and have you showing up with boundless energy. This is all made super easy with step by step processes and instructional videos you can follow as you go and come back to as you need to.


Punchy packages to pull in big ticket clients: Here we create a unique business PinkPrint TM to free you from the ‘swapping time for money’ model which is leading you closer and closer to burnout by the day, to a model which gives freedom to live your life while reaching and serving more of your tribe. We explore the many freeing possibilities of client interaction methods  before redesigning your business packages and pricing (or creating them from scratch). Then we get really clear on what your unique solution is and test your offering with the market. We take all the stress out of this process and hold you hand every step of the way.


Building visibility & attracting your tribe the easy, painless way: This is where you get down and dirty and learn the hottest way to engage with your tribe! And the best thing is that you have already have the skill set you need (empathy, communication, clear message and a strong desire to serve). Here we dive deep into setting up an online delivery and engagement structure, the foundations of engaging your tribe, the exact equipment and techniques you need to be queen of video production, lesson planning, workshop creation, blogging, podcasts, & promotional challenges – and, all the tools and templates to get you there! 

BONUS EXTENSION: Here we ramp it up, and dive into the systems and tools used by industry experts that would literally take you years and 10s of thousands of dollars to learn. Find out what will really bring customers to your door with easy step by step processes for sales funnels, sales calls, videos, ideas for promotions and a template for a full promotional system – but all specifically for purpose driven empires like yours. 

Who Is FemPowered For?

Business owners who are ready to have their businesses work FOR them.

Are there more tasks on your do-to-list than hours in the day? learn all the business systems, rhythms and focus tricks required to run a business successfully (without the boring business jargon and pomp – we make it real and relate-able for you)


Business owners who are ready to see some profit.

Do you wonder how much longer you can carry on like this, and just how you are you supposed to make a decent living this way?  – learn how to get away from the “Time for Money Model” and remodel your business structure and packages so you can scale up and help even more people

Business owners who are ready to grow.

Have you tried everything to grow your tribe and your reach but marketing makes you want to pack up and move to bali? – learn all the secrets to marketing in one place.  It is actually easier than you think, once you have it tailored to you specifically and your market. We show you how to understand your clients, conduct your own market research, build your own sales funnels, launch your own challenges, do lives like a pro and do your own damn marketing with insider secrets on all the automation’s, tools, systems and what to post to get engagement. Why pay for this separately when you can learn how to do it

Business owners who are ready to step it up a notch.

Do you get pulled off track and start trying everything new thing that passes your way?  – find out how to structure your days, weeks, months and years to achieve your goals, set strategic plans which are in alignment with YOUR tribe and learn how to measure results, and refine, instead of blindly grabbing at the next shiny whim

Business leaders who are ready to shine.

Do you find yourself wasting time, procrastinating and generally playing it safe? – have access to a group of powered up business babes all pulling in the same direction as you so you are no longer working alone, have access to your own support group and be inspired everyday

Frequently Asked Questions

The FemPowered Empire Building Subscription will do what?...

Show you how to break all the BS rules so that you can create a business that works for you.

Empower you to become the business owner you were born to be.

Smash imposter syndrome and have you bouncing around with confidence.




How do I know if I am good fit for this programme?

This programme is designed for you if…

You are ready to grow your business into an empire that actually serves you and your clients.

What you offer is changing lives and you want to help more people.

You are done playing small and you are ready for the BIG results.

You are ready for motivation, accountability and support.

You are sick of courses which under deliver and leave you wondering your next step is.


What are the outcomes of the programme?


This programme is perfect for you if you’d like to…

* Market in a way that has clients knocking down your door without being salesy

* Craft a strong marketing message that resonates with your tribe

* Learn how to build your own sales funnels, write sales scripts and marketing copy yourself so you can build authenticity and your own voice for you business before getting outside help

* Automate the shizzle out of your systems

* Ramp up your bottom line without burning you out.

* Streamline your processes so you can get on with growing your business and enjoying what you have created.

What does femPowered Empire Building Include?

🔥 Weekly group coaching 

🔥 Members only facebook support group

🔥 Access to all online learning modules (some of which are bullet pointed below)

🔥 Access to specifically tailored challenges and live events to supercharge you when you feel like you are ready for more

What is covered on the programme?


  • Understand your WHY so you can differentiate yourself in the market

  • Uncover your true purpose in life so it all finally makes sense and you can just get on with showing up

  • Discover your superpowers (yes you have them) to turbo charge your business forward and ditch overwhelm

  • Match your core values to your business so you can show up authentically and make business fun again

  • Craft a strong future vision of your business and lifestyle that will have you leaping out of bed everyday with excitement

  • Set a strategic business plan and quarterly goals to achieve your business dreams like a pro

  • Create a step by step action plan so you always know exactly what to do next taking you from overwhelmed to kickass success

  • Learn and implement all the secret techniques that I use to wrangle time and be super organized so you can achieve 4 times more every week and have more time to yourself

  • Learn my easy step by step system to turn off imposter syndrome so you can show up like the powerhouse you are

  • Shift your perceptions of money so that you can manifest your kickass business and hell yes life

  • Learn how to manage your own business finances putting you in charge of your future success 

  • Get the cheat sheets to all my CEO business rhythms and systems streamlining your business without having to earn the MBA first

  • Automate your business with easy step by step processes provided to free up your time

  • Get access to every techtool I use to supercharge my business saving you thousands of hours

  • Learn how you can step back from your business while making more money

  • Create a supercharged version of a client avatar & hone your marketing message so your tribe will engage with you

  • Learn how to brand yourself and position yourself as the market leader so people will be clamouring to work with you

  • Create packages to upscale your business and learn how to price and position these saving you hours of frustration

  • Do you own market testing saving you thousands of dollars and wasted time launching products that won’t sell

  • Learn all the tech tips and tricks that Marketing Managers use

  • Create a content calendar so you always know what to post when taking eradicating procrastination and anxiety

  • Gain the confidence, techniques and know how to do facebook lives

  • Learn how to set up and run an online workshop

  • Learn how to set up and run an event

  • Implement your own sales funnels, all the tricks that would cost you thousands of dollars

  • Learn easy ways to create your own strong social media  images and branding saving you thousands of dollars

  • Make professional promotional videos

  • Learn how to work your own website giving you control and saving you thousands of dollars

  • Implement online sales including payment platforms taking the stress out of getting online

  • Learn how to do your own videos saving you thousands of dollars and giving you control of your brand and success

  • Get online!  So you don’t get left behind.

  • Set up your own online courses so you can reach more of your tribe and increase your income.

  • Step by step processes to create the content for your online courses

  • The equipment and tools you need to record professionally

  • Find out how adult educators create lesson plans that are easy to follow reducing the overwhelm

  • Step by step processes for planning promotions

  • Launch your new offerings on the world

I tried other training's and they did not work why is this programme any different?


I hear you, that is why you have accountability and support built into this programme.  I will not let you fail, if you are prepared to do the work and you do everything possible, I will support you all the way.


I don't have money to invest in my biz right now.

Can you afford not to invest in your biz? We often have to leap before we are ready.  You don’t have to be great to get started but you do have to get started to be great and that is why I have removed all barriers and made this programme subscription based rather than contract based. 



Can I pay it off?

Yeah sure, talk to me directly.

What makes the programme so powerful?

Its the coaching plain and simple. You are your business, and to grow your business you need to uplevel your beliefs your tools and your mindset in order to scale your business. You did great at building your business to this point, and now it is time to accept some help to reach the next level. If you wanted to become a female weight lifter you wouldn’t just up the same exercises you are doing in the gym right now, you would seek a professional to guide you until you found your way right? Coaching is the same, it is a scaffold to support you on your journey to becoming the kickass business owner you were born to be.

What sort of people will I find in the groups?

💚 Naturopaths

💚  Midwives

💚  Nutritionists

💚  Chiropractors

💚  Physiotherapists

💚 Personal trainers

💚 Graphic designers

💚 Photographers

💚 Franchise owners

💚 Salon owners

💚 Online sales solopreneurs

But what they all have in common is this:

💗 A passion for their business and purpose in life

💗 A desire to make the world a better place

💗 A need for structure and systems in a way that is purpose-built for them (not some corporate cookie-cutter solution)

Are you really sure the programme works?

There are a few things that I have learnt along the way (in my 25 years in business and by coaching hundreds of other business owners to success) and they are:

* You need perspective – we are sometimes TOO close and care TOO  much

* Systems fix everything

* Your mindset is what’s holding you back not [insert the latest challenge]

* You need accountability

* You need structure if you are going to fit it all in without overwhelm

* Having support is vital – the wheels fall off otherwise

* Being the real unfiltered version of you is the key to success

* You need to build visibility and that requires confidence, which you will get in this programme

* You can build your own sales funnels, websites, social ads, you name it… if you want to (and then you can outsource when you are making $$$)

* Systems and tools are often missing from coaching, all the mindset in the world, all the actions in the world and all the positive intentions in the world leave you wondering why you didn’t get the results you thought you would without the systems which drive success. That is why I coach the way I do, I give you everything you need and you have access to everything little and big thing I have ever done, plus access all my experience, and all my systems.


What if I look silly in front of other people?

There are so many questions I get asked about group coaching.

People seem to want to do it, they see everyone else getting all the results and raving about their groups but they generally have these three concerns:

1. What if I look stupid, I’ve been in biz for ages but there is so much I don’t know, what if they are all smarter than me?

… we seem to think that others magically have all the answers and we have missed something vital along the way. Trust me you haven’t and you know more than you think you do – you ARE the expert of your business and all you need os a few little tips and tricks that will have you


My needs are unique, I am not sure if group coaching is a good fit for me

I need some big heavy-duty help and my business coaching needs are unique. The group will be good for me, but only after I’m sorted.

This is a common one. You will be very surprised to learn that your needs are not as unique as you think. There are many types of businesses in the group coaching but all, yes all, require similar help. But don’t worry, you still receive one on one help in the group coaching. And as an added bonus, when someone is being coached you will be learning from them and picking up tips to use in your own business. This is the number one benefit that all my group coaching gals talk about. It’s almost like you can better absorb and reflect on the learnings when someone else is in the hot seat so to speak. This really does 10x your results.


What about if there are others from my industry in this group?

What about if there are others in my industry in there who will steal my ideas?

One of the greatest things about group coaching is that you will learn THERE IS NO COMPETITION, no really, you all have a different focus, a unique client base, and different gifts. Often times the gals who were most concerned about this, in the beginning, are the most grateful of the support from someone else who ‘gets’ their industry. No one will be judging you in here, everyone in here comments on the beautiful support they receive from the whole group. Tears are ok. Anger is ok. Swearing is encouraged. Fun is compulsory. We have been told by society that business must be serious, nonemotional, but that’s just Bullocks. In group coaching, you will learn how to harness and use your unique superpowers. And all the gals in group coaching support each other, promote each other and provide feedback on courses, promotions, branding, etc throughout the week too.

If you are curious about group coaching, the best thing you do right now is have a no-obligation chat with me and we will see which option would work best for you. 


The Weekly Coaching

You get not one but two coaching sessions every week.  The first session is ‘ask me anything’ style where you get individual help to move your business forward. The second session is where we up-level you and your business big time.

All The Goodies For Free

I’m the kinda gal who wants you to have everything little thing so that you can succeed, and so I give you just that. What is mine is yours. You get all the courses for free, bonus trainings and additional live events to boost your business results.

The Support

The Femps (the others gals on the programme) are super friendly and supportive. You have your own Facebook Group where you can get help at any hour of the day. Remember who you spend most of your time with dictates your outcomes.

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