Lets cut the bullshit shall we and get right to the chase?

You are here for a massive purpose, you are here to lead, and you KNOW IT.

You were born for this. You have always known it. Sure, you spent a lot of years denying it before you started your business and then you spent even more years hiding and playing small,  we all did, but now you feel the pull to lead in ever-increasing waves. It drives you to distraction, so you numb out instead. Does this sound familiar?

You get a super clear message or idea about something while you are in the shower, or while you are out walking in nature or just as you are about to drift off to sleep and you get real excited about it.  Then in the cold light of day, you look at the idea and think “yeah nah, I can’t actually do that, I don’t know where to start, no one will buy that” and million other bullshit excuses, ahem, I mean sound reasons for you not to do it.

And so that precious nugget, that idea that your soul was screaming at you to do, you ignored it, you squashed it and put it back in the fantasy box and sealed the lid shut. Then you dulled the pain with a Netflix binge or a glass of chardonnay, or a good ole gossip session, or perhaps you have healthier distraction tactics these days (as do I – well mostly) such as exercising or posting on your business social media accounts or looking for new products.

What is that is stopping you? ALIGNMENT

Your soul knows just what to do, but now YOU need to be in alignment with what your soul already knows.


It’s time to get super aligned so you can show up for reals.

You got a job to do. Your tribe need you. Hell, the world needs you!

We are all here for a massive purpose and each of us plays a vital role.

If you want to deliver that purpose, and trust me, you do, because that is where nirvana is, insane happiness, extreme flow, income and satisfaction. Yes, all of it.  Then you are going to have to show up in a bigger, bader, more aligned, I got THIS SHIZ way, and that is just what this course will help you to do.



But you gotta bust the bullshit so that we can get you into the super flow state where you JUST KNOW what to do, what to say, how to message, and how to call your clients in

This is where we get real and bust all the bullshittiest of bullshit!


Cut the bullshit stories holding you back from success so that you can work in true flow

Cut the bullshit rules which have you procrastinating and quiverrng in doubt instead of taking bold action

Bust the bullshit Impostor Monster so you can FOCUS on your calling


In this POWER PUNCH training there are no holds barred, we get down and dirty with your soul and uncover the real leader within so that you will be super aligned and then be able to operate from that place of F L O W.  Do NOT partake in this training if you don’t want things to change. This training is going to BLOW the lid of your excuses and have you showing up big time. Things are going to shift. You  are going to change, and change will bring new emotions, new energies, new opportunities. If you enjoy playing small and the status quo then stay in your armchair darling, but if you are ready to get real and start SERVING like you are being called to do, then NOW IS THE TIME to…



Get Hot As Hell Alignment 

Are you in?

Do you want to show up for your tribe in a big way?

Claim the income you know you deserve?

Turn off the incessant chatter of excuses and core wounds holding you back?

BE the LEADER for your tribe?

Then click the button and lets begin your journey.

What is it?


* Becoming the real you so you can stand out from the crowd and serve from a place of flow

* What you stand for and against and how to apply that to show up as the real leader in your field

* Calling bullshit on societies chains and rules

* Blowing the lid on your secret sabotage stories so you can thrive

* Make some rules of your own to keep you aligned

* Learn what alignment IS and find out how to recognize it and STAY in that flow state

* Undo the secret bullshit coding that has taken you OUT of alignment

Give me three weeks and I will give your flow, your mojo, your full throttle self belief!

Our Promise


If you don’t discover something new about yourself you can have a FULL REFUND.

This stuff works, I have used it for years, for many clients, and always with POWERFUL RESULTS.

If you want to shift up a gear, then this is it baby, you got nothing to loose! 

But that’s not all, I am chucking in some crazy freebies for you because I want you to have EVERYTHING you need to succeed:

1. Becoming Brave in Business – this powerful system takes four weeks to complete and will blow the glitter of your impostor monster once and for all

2. The Journal Prompts to have you STAYING in flow

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