Welcome to The Business Acceleration Club


I am delighted you’re here. We are going to grow TF out of your business and your mindset! so hold on darling.


You will love it here, surrounded by your soul tribe all pulling In the same direction as you – building profitable businesses that light them up and set them free while making a massive impact in the world!
This journey will be nothing short of life changing. You will upgrade your life and your business, you will find and access a whole new quantum level of operation that you never knew existed before, and you will get results in ease and flow without the hustle and struggle that you engaged in to get to this point. We are all about success and having it all through expansion not sacrifice darling.

The Business Acceleration Club (BAC) is everything you need to grow your business, your mindset and your abundance. 

1. The online courses contain everything you need: business structure, systems, finances, messaging, and marketing. Access here. The BAC courses should be worked though in order and you should aim to do all of your trainings while you are in the BAC, however you have access to everything for ever, including upgrades as they arrive. We recommend that you devote at least 2 one hour time slots to complete trainings each week. Don’t be tempted to skip things you have done already, there are energetic shifts embedded in these courses. If you want the results, do the work.


2. The weekly coaching calls are where you get your growth and your support – even if you don’t have a question or require feedback, and especially if you are not feeling like a business queen, show up live. The sessions are all recorded for you and emailed out, but you will get so much more from attending live. Please join the weekly live sessions on Tuesdays at 10am via zoom by signing up here

  • Business growth, strategy, structure, offers, money and mindset sessions are led by Michelle *usually first and last week of every month
  • Design and copy sessions are led by Amanda *usually the second week of every month
  • Social Media and automation/tech sessions are led by Helen *usually the third week of every month
If there are more than 4 weeks in a month we will upload a special energetics, or other bonus training for you 🙂 to the Facebook group.
There is a shared spreadsheet for you to put up links to anything you need assistance with for sessions with Michelle, Amanda or Helen. You can access that spreadsheet here

There are a few things for you do right now: 

👉 Join the facebook group, this is where you communicate with the other BACs and your BAC team.

👉 Sign the client agreement form.

👉  Join the email list for BAC, all the weekly trainings are emailed out to you via this list

👉  Save yourself a copy of the BAC Success Tracker Spreadsheet and take a good look around this. Please note that this is a universal spreadsheet, you will need to save your own copy to your own computer. 

👉  Watch the three introductory videos below


 Introductory Videos to watch before we start coaching

Welcome to the Business Acceleration Club

Using your Success Tracker Spreadsheet

What You Need to Know About the Business Acceleration Club




Access Your Courses and Your Bonus Content Here

What To Do If You Are Struggling

Hey darling,

First up, we are all here for you. There is never any judgement from us. We are all in the same boat, we have all visited overwhelm island, and we have all had life throw us curve balls, and a curve mountain or two.

I want you to take 3 deep belly breaths and tell yourself that strong women ask for help when they need it.

And then darling, trust that the universe has your back, and remind yourself that what ever you are experiencing right now is happening FOR YOU not to you.

Ok, hopefully that tamed the lion in your mind and we have you operating from a calm place instead of the fight or flight response.

Now here are some actions that you can take right now.  Start at step one and move your way through the steps.

1. Journal your heart out – if you are still stuck and need assistance move onto step 2.

2. Seek help in the FaceBook Group. Use the hashtags to get support from your peers.

3. You can use the hashtag #riffsupport to ask for a training on anything you would like more information around


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