Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to find a few places where you can record your videos.

You will need a number of locations to suit different types of messages and emotions.

You will also need various colour schemes.


Your background in videos is more important that you think:

* A messy background will distract your viewer

* A loud background will draw attention away from you

* Your background needs to match your message for congruency


1. Watch the video above. 

2. Grab the ‘cheat sheet’ lesson resource and use it when you next make a video.

3. Watch several more videos on youtube and notice what they use for backgrounds, this time try and search for videos similar to what you will be doing. Note how the backgrounds make you feel.

4. Find at least two spots in your home you can record in.

5. Practice ‘staging’ your backgrounds with lamps, books, or sheets as backdrops.

6. Search amazon or wish for backgrounds that like (and purchase them if you feel you want to).