Sparkly, Up-levelled, Aligned You: 5 Day Reset

The overview

The Overview


Here we take a good, insightful look at the year. We take time to process what has been, what we were proud of, and what we learned.


Because learning lessons on repeat is no fun! We wanna keep moving forward.


List your top 5 accomplishments for the last year.

List your top 5 challenges for the last year. 

What are you most proud of achieving in this last year? 

What new skills did you have to learn to achieve that?

What mindset shifts did you have to make, and/or which boundaries did you have to overcome so that you could be successful?

What new things did you learn about yourself by achieving that?

What things did you learn about your beliefs and/or values by achieving that?

What will you carry forward from this experience to make the next year even more successful?

What 5 things do you acknowledge yourself for?

What 5 things would you like to continue improving in the future?

If your soul could sum up the last year, what would it tell you?

If you really understood ALL the lessons you received in the last year, what do you KNOW they were designed to prepare you for?