Sparkly, Up-levelled, Aligned You: 5 Day Reset

The Future Vision

The Future Vision


We are going to get you out of your own way so that you can clearly see your future vision and create a solid vision to which you can connect to every day.


Clarity is queen, and this stuff here, is the key to manifesting the life and business you truly desire.


Download the resource below, it has pictures that you will need to print out and put on the floor for this exercise.

Make sure you have somewhere quiet where you can do this exercise that is large enough for you take 6 big steps in a straight line (maybe even along the foot of your bed?)

Once you are ready hit start on the video.

Reminders before we start

  • You should have printed out the lesson resource already, if not, do that quickly now, while we get some feedback about the last lesson.
  • Have some paper handy so that you can write about your vision after we finish the exercise.