Sparkly, Up-levelled, Aligned You: 5 Day Reset

The Big Review

The Big Review


Hold on to your knickers darling, this is where it starts to get windy.

I ask you to take a deep breath here and dive in with me. 

I promise that the water is fine, and there is a beautiful magical oasis on the other side of the waterfall, this is where all your answers lie, they await the brave, the truly ready, the soul called individuals here to have an impact in others lives.


Remember I promised you ANSWERS? Well, this is it baby, here they come.


We are going to review your business and your life, but ths is no surface-level bullshit here darling. If you are not willing to answer honestly and from the heart, then don’t even attempt this exercise. And if now is too overwhelming, then go and hide in the loo for 20 mins with the shower on later today – you gonna need some space girlfriend!

Ok, so here goes… These are your steps

STEP ONE: Review your business first and then repeat the same review with your life. BTW biz and life are one and the same, but that takes some getting used to, so for those that have not yet coached with me, we will start gently.

What will you: START; STOP; KEEP


What will you start doing in the year ahead?

And how is this year gonna be any different girlfriend?

Why do you want it so bad now?

Really? What is the ACTUAL difference it will make in your life?

What will you do to achieve it?

What additional resources do you need to support this new thing?

Now I want dates, days, times, and locations… go… record IT ALL if you want to achieve it!


What do you want less of?

What will you stop doing?

Who will you stop saying yes to?

What will you stop saying yes to? Why?

What will you stop saying not to? Why?

How will you manage the request/thing/person next time it arises? I want the actual words and actions girlfriend!


What things do you want MORE of?


What is that actually giving you? 

What value is it matching?

How can you get more of it?

Who will you spend more time around?

Who and what will you seek out that is new?

THE DITCH LIST…. Dun, Dun, Dah!

OOOH shiz is about to get real… Look, all jokes aside, this step can actually be quite painful, but joking eases the pressure.  Some people really do come into your life for a season, a reason or the long haul. Some we have soul contracts with, some are lessons and some are just decisions made from a low point in self worth.

Regardless darling, you HAVE THE POWER to decide who you grace with your presence. You really do end up the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time around.  Now you might not be able to ditch the mother in law but you can go all H&S on that right? What could you do to minimize? Isolate? Eliminate? – no not that lol.

Who dragged you down in the last year? 

And how will you minimize your exposure to them this year?

Who made you feel great (powerful, can-do-attitude, certain, at peace, light…etc)

What is about that person that allows them to let you feel this way?

And how can you provide more of that for yourself?