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Moving Forward with Intent

Moving Forward with Intent


We are going to dive into emotions and learn how to decipher the learning and messages behind them


Because emotions are just messages, if you want to move through a particular emotion that you are not enjoying and onto one that you do enjoy more, then stop, listen, learn, apply action, and move forward.


Well, today you learn a very powerful technique indeed. This activity is something that you will use FOREVER and it will change the way you operate completely.

By learning how to do this process you will cut out so much overwhelm, take charge of your life, and claw back your time and energy. Do not be fooled by the simplicity here, this stuff is gold…

Method for ‘leaning into’ emotion safely

  1. Sit still and bring up as many emotions as you can, happy and fraught
  2. Write them all down
  3. Select one or two which really stand out and write those down
  4. Take note of the colour and size
  5. Do they sit in one part of your body?
  6. Do they have a weight? A shape?
  7. Ask the emotion what message it has for you – write that down
  8. Ask ‘what lies beneath that?”
  9. Ask “what are here to guide me toward?” – write that down
  10. Thank the emotion
  11. See the emotion getting smaller and smaller, paler, and lighter.
  12. See the scene which evoked the emotion as black and white, now move it away from you, fade it at the edges, make it cold and small, wrap it in a bubble and release it with love