Journaling Like a Badass

Journaling Like a Badass

Journaling is key.

I know I know, I used to hate it to. But it works… and believe it or not (if you don’t already) you will soon LOVE journaling.

It is the key to so many things:

👉 Clarity

👉 Your next best steps

👉 Working through and dissipating frustration

👉 Sifting through mind fucks and emotions for the learnings – so you can move forward

👉 The foundations of manifesting (not kidding – everything in my life once appeared in my journal)

Some tips

Get a pretty journal – pretty things make you feel good, when you feel good you can find your way to ‘flow’ much quicker.

You don’t need multiple journals for multiple things, I write shiz all the damn time and finding the right book would be a pain in the jacksie, and having different journals buys into the theory of separation. Often when I am journaling all sorts of stuff gets chucked in there.

If it helps and you think you might want to go back to this stuff, you can always use colour tabs or highlighters fo categorisation purposes.

Have many coloured pens to spice things up

You do not need to write tidily

Write from the heart – no one else is ever going to read this, and if you are worried that someone will read it, well there are two things I have to say here:

a) burn each page and trust that you will remember the divine truth that you revealed during the journaling and you WILL;

b) why do you tolerate people in your life that you don’t feel comfortable sharing the real you with?

Do not be afraid to let go and let it out. You CAN trust yourself and your growth. Being the up-graded, empowered version of you will be a great person to be around, and everyone wants that, so let go, and just journal.

Journal in a place that feels yummy, ie light a candle, put on your snuggly dressing gown, put on some soft music, sit comfortably.

Journal daily.

Journal at a time when you are feeling fine – oh my god I am a poet lol. You need to be feeling good because if you feel shit, you cannot connect deeply with yourself and you will be distracted.. Therefore, I find very early mornings (before my household is awake) to be the best time. I am not yet yelling at kids, I feel rested, the house is quiet and I am still connected to my soul after dreaming all night.

You will feel discomfort when the big stuff comes up, you need to push past this to succeed, make it a rule that you will write for 20 minutes on EVERY journal prompt and fill at least 3 pages.

Write out each new journal prompt on a fresh page and then write from there, you can go back and re-connect to the question over and over again then if you don’t know what to write, just start writing, ie what was your favourite food when you were a kid? Don’t dive into lists of jobs or pick something from adulthood – you were closer to your soul as a kid!

Write fast and from flow!

Do NOT think about what you are writing or try to analyse it as you go. Your a-ha moment will come to you as you write and you will automatically remember them when you are done.

Don’t stop to think about what it all means, you can do that later by going back with a highlighter and searching for the goodies, for the gold, and then journaling on each of those statements further later on.

Don’t censor yourself, whatever comes up, write it, don’t judge it.

Don’t ask yourself if you FEEL like journaling right now, just do it. Just like with gym work, you will like it when you get there, but you would never go if you asked yourself IF you wanted to go first.

To get you started I have 25 Journal Prompts (JP) for you

Wohoo, let’s get down to business, here are your daily Journal Prompts.

You will only be doing one of these a day. It is important that you really connect deeply and dive past all the surface bollocks to get real growth here, and doing one a day will allow you to get that depth.

The journal prompts should be done in sequence., and remember to re-write out the journal prompt at the top of your blank page so you can answer the same question over and over until you are DONE. You will know you are DONE when you read the journal prompt statement again and nothing more comes up for you.

It can useful to ask “What do I know at a surface level about this…. what do I know at a deeper level about this… and what has been hidden from me up until now…”

One a day journal prompts

1. Now that.I am willing to step up and into my powerful true self I know that….. 

2. Now that I have accepted the true nature of my calling in this life I know that it is linked to…. 

3. What stands in the way of me fully stepping up to embrace my true calling in this life is… 

4. I know that is safe for me to fully step up and into my true calling because… 

5. In order to fufill my destiny my current business needs to…..

6. Being both a women and a person here to change the world I acknowledge that I…. and now I must…. and do that I need to….

7. If I was being the bravest, badassed, healed, living in the light version of myself, what would I choose to do differently? 

8. Now that I am healed, now that I know my true power, now that I accept and stand in my own integrity and greatness I know that…

9. Now that I accept my path forward, I know that my first step forward is based around… 

10. lf I choose to accept that I am not stuck and that I never was, If I choose to accept my leadership role right now I know that I must be…. do….. have….. 

11. In order to birth my creation into the world I will have to let go…..

12. In order to birth my creation into the world and contribute to change for the betterment of the world the new boundaries I will need to put in place include…. 

13. Now that I accept the true powerful being that I am I know that I need to ask for…. 

14. The beliefs that I need to shed in order to move forward include….

15. The thing that would most FUN and most ALIGNED for me to doing in my business moving forward is… 

16. If I drop the bullshit and step up bravely, what I really want to say, what my under lying message really is to my clients is this….

17. Now that I am leading from a place of light and trust and just automatically expect that…. 

18. Now that I am super successful and I know that without a doubt everything that I touch will turn to gold, I know that my path forward right now is…. 

19. The most useful way to show up for tribe right now includes…

20. The most aligned way for me to bring my offerings to my tribe right now… and then if I drop the fear I know that I should also add…. and then on top of that, I should also… 

21. What I am most thankful now that all my wildest dreams have come true is… 

22. Bringing this goodness to the world has also allowed me to… and it has allowed my family to…. 

23. Standing in my true success now, I know that what led me here was… 

24. The final boundaries and things slowing me down and/or standing in my way are… and I choose to…. 

25. Now that all of my dreams are reality the next step for me is… and the next step after that is,,,, and the next step further than that is…