Foundation of Abundance: Start Here

Foundations of Abundance

Oh my god – you are here, and I am so excited for us both.

I am excited for you because this is going to shift the needle forward in your business like nothing else and allow abundance in all its forms to flow into your life.

And I am excited for me because I LOVE, like really love, talking about money and empowering entrepreneurs to go in all on abundance and claiming the life they want for three very specific reasons:

💃 When you let abundance in, life flows. Flow = ease + joy + results and makes you an effing awesome person to be around – hello ripple effects for the world!

💃 When you are drowning/ broken/ afraid/ playing small, you can’t help others. When you step back into your power and allow an abundance of money in, you will have more to give!

💃 Women (some women) are afraid of/ embarrassed about/ overwhelmed by M O N E Y and that is disempowering AF.

So Let’s Do This…. Let’s make friends with being abundant!

How the Abundance Academy Rolls

💎 The Abundance Academy trainings will all be put in the facebook group.

💎 Each month will have a ‘theme’ of growth and focus and this will be announced in the facebook group first the week of the month.

💎 Once the month is over we will archive the trainings to this platform under each month so you can find them easily later.

💎 Please favourite the group so that you get notified when new trainings are available.

💎 There is no specific dates that the trainings come out on – that is not how I roll. I will put the trainings up when the gold comes through, that is how I keep the training on point and powerful for you. Rules squash the heck out of creativity.

💎 There will be multiple trainings a month – a least two things, more when I can’t help myself or we are focusing on something intense – it is kept to a minimum where possible so as to not overwhelm you. I want to support your growth and joy, not add more shit to your killer to-do-list.

💎 If you don’t have a journal get one! Kidding, you can just write on paper, but there will definatley be writing. Writing allows your subconscious brain to be side-stepped so that we can get to the real gold beneath. It is of course up to you how you do anything in life, but if you want ah-may-zing results, then pen and paper will facilitate that.

💎 There will be much swearing and shenanigans – it is part of the process. When you let your hair down and have fun, and move towards a free (and maybe even societally challenging) version of yourself, you will remove the hidden blocks which are keeping your abundance at bay. Just as an artery with a blockage in it will not allow blood to flow and nourish, so too with a tightly wound body and mind!

💎 There is no room for victimhood here, no sob stories, no woe is me… that shit keeps you stuck. Can you ask for support and guidance and tell us what is going on in your life – you bet your sweet patootie you can! But I will help you to bring that from a place of E M PO W E R M E N T so that you can find the learnings and grow powerfully forward.

💎 You will get triggered in this program, it will bring up some deep shit. Roll with it, talk about it, journal on it, keep digging. The discomfort is a secret door hiding the ‘thing’ from which you will grow. For the want of a better term, I will use a well worn out one… LEAN IN!

There is Plenty For You To Get On With Right Away… Please go ahead and look at the Abundance Foundation Goodies