The Foundational Abundance System

The Foundational Abundance System

The place to start is with THE FOUNDATIONAL ABUNDANCE SYSTEM. This is a three-step process to calling in every kind of abundance! THIS HERE is the foundational thinking, or process of thinking, that underpins the whole shebang.


STEP TWO: Believe (B)

STEP THREE: Receive (R)

We both know that you are meant for success, and to do that you need to upgrade your money mindset and habits in order to take your business to the next level.

The truth is that most of us did not inherit a great money mindset or manifestation habits, but that’s ok, because this training is going to show you how to upgrade both your mindset and habits around money to activate your Internal Entrepreneur Money Manifestor (IEMM) which has been there waiting for you all this time, by using the super simple ABR method.

We know deep down that we can create what ever the heck we want, I mean, remember when you manifested that bike [insert whatever your desire was] when you were a kid?

But then society steals that surety away from us and installs the bug “lackthinking29” and bita-boom-bita-bang, hello scarcity and lack of money, energy and resources!

Well, hold on to your nightie cause the ABR system is going to take you back to manifesting from ease and flow. We are going to use the simple ABR method to show you how to activate the Internal Entrepreneur Money Manifestor that has been waiting for you all along.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

This system will give the base work that I use to re-install a success mindset for all my fabulous entrepreneur clients who are now out there reaching more people, having all the fun, and changing the world!

What you will learn here works every time! While these systems are purposefully simple, that does not mean that it will be easy. You will need to stick at the manifesting system and push past the fear monkeys that will insist on playing on the jungle gym in your mind. So let us begin your journey back to the money manifesting badass entrepreneur you are born to be!

How this training should be used:

1. Read the entire ABR system

2. Implement all the money manifesting hacks straight away

3. Continue to think more abundance thoughts than lack thoughts and watch your IEMM roar to life

4. Stay the fluff away from people who don’t have an IEMM upgrade – who you listen to really matters to your manifestation powers!

1. Ask

Ask for more. You are asking for too little. It is just as easy to manifest $10,000 as it is to manifest $10, the only difference is the expectation we apply to it. We ‘think’ it takes longer to manifest the $10K.

Ask like you mean it. Ask with the certainty that you deserve this outcome and ask like you ALREADY have it. And for lordy sakes, add some vigour to it gal, have fun with it. The key to manifesting is energy and feeling, see what I mean below. Say each version out loud and see what one ‘feels’ more powerful.

Poor example: “I want to make $10,000 next year”

Better: “I have made $10,000 by Dec 2021”

Best: “I feel fly af now that I have $10K in my hot lil hand by dec 21st 2021”

Ask daily. Now you have your ‘ask statement’ nailed, say it as many times a day as possible. Write it out morning and night. Write it on your bathroom mirror. Say it under your breath 50 times a day. The more you say it the faster you will believe it and therefore manifest

2. Believe

Believe it is coming. When you place your online shopping order you expect that someone will select all your wine, I mean healthy food, and put it in bags, call the courier, and send it out to you. You don’t worry at 12 noon if they selected your moet or if they got it wrong and will be delivering lindauer instead, you don’t wake up with a gasp at 11pm wondering if they called the courier or not – do you? No, you just trust. So, ask for what you want and then trust. Your order is coming, not tomorrow, it is gonna take some time, but it is coming!

Believe that you are worthy. The speed with which you get what you have asked for is DIRECTLY related to how worthy you feel about receiving it. I suggest you do two things: work on self-worth, and ask for small amounts to begin with to ‘prove’ to yourself that you CAN do it.

Believe in the process. Don’t second guess the process, it works. When a fear thought rears its pimply lil face, say these EXACT words “oh thanks brainy poo, I see that danger, yup, but I got this sorted thanks. Money comes to me easily and often, and the more money I make the more people like me, and the more good I get to do in the world. I love money and money loves me. The universe has my back”.

3. Receive

Receive in all areas. To improve your IEMM powers practice receiving all things. How good are you at receiving non monetary items? Compliments? Assistance? New tech skills?

Receive and record. Note down in your journal at night (yes with a pen and paper darling, there is magic in the act of writing) everything you received: client messages; money from expected and unexpected sources; compliments; new skills; kindness; lessons etc.

Receive with your imagination. Imagine your future abundant life with all the things you are calling in, like you have it NOW, hear the ding in paypal as the clients are buying your products, see your cook preparing your salad, feel the cool saltwater on your skin as you swim about the Maldives. Make it rain money – Imagine the exact amount you are asking for landing on your body from the sky in stacks of whatever denominations you like.