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Your Podcasting Vision

Your Podcasting Vision


We dive into what your podcast will be about, what your message is, and how that will all roll out for you.


Doing the pre-thinking about your podcast now will save you SO much time later on.


  1. Listen to the audio training here

2. Capture on paper your podcast vision, what is the boiled down message? the colour? the shapes? the catch phrases?

3. Create a pretty graphic for your podcast in canva. I suggest that you create both a facebook post sized version (for anchor) and an actual podcast version (for Lybson)

4. Flesh out some of the details of your podcast:

  • Will it be wordy or short and snappy?
  • Will it be just you or will you interview others?
  • Will it be how-to style or inspirational?
  • What are the general themes and messages?