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Yeah But Who Are Really – lesson 2


We are going to explore who you really are, like the shredded, ripped version of you.


Until you can stand in your authentic glory your marketing messages will fall flat.

We have learnt to hide the real us over the years and it time to peel back all that bullshit and really shine!


  1. Listen to the video below.

2. Review your past marketing, look at your messages and offers (make sure you record this somewhere)

3. Finish this statement in your journal. Hi I am ________ [insert your name] and I am here to….

4. If no one was watching or listening and there were no consequences for speaking your utter and unfettered truth what would you want the world to know?  And now, write down the traits, skills, and experiences that you have had or have now that will allow you to deliver this message to the world.