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What Soul Marketing Messages Are and Are Not


Here we look at what marketing is and is not. It is not sleazy or salesy. We are going to dive into the BASIS of messaging and what clients really care about.


Messaging from soul is footballs fields away from the marketing you perceive as ‘normal marketing’. We need to learn about how purpose driven businesses like yours are different and how that makes your whole approach to marketing messages different.


  1. Listen to the video below.

2. Write out any affirmations that you need to counteract any salesy = sleasy stories you might have going on.

3. Do the Journal Prompt: The main reason that getting my message out there is a real and authentic way is MORE important than my fear right now is…

4. Write out a free flow page about what content you might be able to put ‘out there’ to get people to know, like and trust you.

5. What do people really need to know about you and what you offer? And what do people really need to UNDERSTAND about you, how you are different, and what you really care about?


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