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What is Soul Method Marketing -lesson one part 1


Find out what Soul Method Marketing is all about.


There is a difference between your usual run of the mill marketing and Soul Method Marketing. And you darling, are here to make a difference in the world, sooooooo, let’s jump on in and find out why the run of the mill marketing has always felt a bit ‘flat’ to you so that you can shift your marketing up a gear!


  1. Listen to the video below.

2. Write on your bathroom mirror, the number one rule of soul method marketing “ENERGY MATTERS. People are attracted to my energy, and every time I show up as my true self I attract new clients to me”.

3. Think about the people you choose to work with, and hash out a brand spanking new Client Avatar that feels really yummy.

4. Process for soul method marketing: connect to vision; then connect to client avatar; connect to your soul using the morning journal prompts provided; craft your message; then take your sales actions (which come later).

5. Consider the pricing of your offerings and check in with these prices in your body.

6. Take it deep into your knowledge that “your tribe is already there, they are waiting for you to show up”. Add this to your daily affirmations.