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What is SEO and How Do I Get Some of That?

All About SEO

SEO, I hate the abreviations, they make us feel so silly right? Well you know that I am all about busting the bullshit and showing you how easy marketing can actually be, so buckle up you are about to get real good at SEO! Which btw, stands for 


And that, is just a fancy way of saying, you are helping google (and other search engines) to find you with ease.

What is SEO and How Do I Get Some of That?


We demystify SEO and show you what you need to on your website to be ‘doing’ SEO. We talk about plugins and how they work inside your website and dive a little into copy writing for SEO.


Knowing the plugins and how to use them to SEO your website will save you hours and hours and hours of frustration, in fact, probably weeks.


  1. Watch the video

2. Go ahead and download YOAST SEO onto your website

3. Write out what you are ‘selling’ on each page so you can later search keywords for that – I will teach you how to do this later on