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What is it That You Do – lesson 3


We are going to find out and then refine what you do.


You need to be focused in order to power forward. Just like a hose, when you are on ‘sprinkle’ with many outlets, you are infinitely less powerful than when you are on ‘jet’ which has only one outlet.


  1. Listen to the video below.

2. Do the Brain Dump activity and get out of your head, all the parts of your current business and any future business ideas too. Then rate them using the 4 categories: popularity with market; profitability; your desire; resources/manageability and cross off any that reach less than 30/40. Then cross out any items that you just don’t love or can’t see yourself doing for the long haul. Then move onto colour coding: green for core product; yellow for lead in product; orange for hell yes hot as hell offering.

3. Write out and record somewhere what you stand for and against and what the pillars of your business are.