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What is a Sales Funnel, How to Use a CRM and Create a Lead Magnet

Sales Funnels, CRMS, & Lead Magnets


Here we take all the complicated shizzle out and make it really easy to understand just what a funnel and then we will PLAN OUT the steps of your funnel (but not create it just yet). Then we talk CRMS and Lead Magnets because you will need a CRM (Client Management System to handle all the leads in your funnel), and of course you need a Lead Magnet to encourage people into that funnel.


Just as it is with accounting terms ‘seeming’ complicated, FUNNELS have been made out to be a mysterious ‘thing’ that are just too complex for you to do on your own – but you can do it on your own and I am going to show how.

Funnels are way to lead your clients from cold to sold. It really is just the customer journey. I don’t want you to get tangled up in names, they all mean the same thing!


  1. Watch the video

2. Think about what your own funnel might look like. Get out a big ole piece of paper answer these questions

  • What would a ‘cold’ client, one who has never heard of you before WANT/NEED to see from you in order to enter your funnel and engage with you?
  • What sort of things would they be looking for? How could you be their solution?
  • What would be one tiny piece of the puzzle that you could solve that would then lead into what you do?
  • What would be an easy win for you to create? what do you have already that you could convert easily?
  • What would your audience desire most? As in, what would they PAY to have solved for them? And how will you freebie do that?
  • NOTE: we tend to be afraid to ‘give it away’ right? But I could give you manifestation, affirmations and goal setting stuff all day long, the thing is, if you could do it and succeed on your own, you would’ve done that already. The secret sauce is NOT your tools and your systems, so don’t be worried about giving it away, you still are, and will always be the solution!
  • What sort of freebie would suit your audience, ie will a busy mum read an ebook or listen to a podcast?

3. Download the bonus resource here on Lead Magnets – but don’t create your lead magnet just yet, listen to the other trainings first

4. Now, coming back to your funnel…

  • What comes next? Is is a landing page? FB group? Call with you?
  • Will you have a nurture sequence of emails? [We cover this in a later course]
  • How will you inspire your new lead to take ANOTHER or THE NEXT STEP towards you?

Don’t create you funnel just yet, this is just the PLANNING STAGE. You do not need any fancy software to create a funnel, but if you want you can check out ClickFunnels here

5. Collecting leads in your funnel is one thing, now you need to think about you will manage them and keep tabs on their progress through your funnel. Here is the link to hubspot which is a free software which helps you to do Client Relationship Management (CRM). But remember you could also use a simple spreadsheet with names, dates and points of contact and then highlight rows with traffic light colours to keep things really simple.  I tend to only use a CRM when I do a promotion.