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What Does Blogging Like a Badass Look Like

Welcome to Blogging Like a Badass

Blogging like a badass.

Why? Because blogging like a blogger is too damn boring, and you, my darling, are here to change the world.

And in order to change the world, the world has to hear something new, growth comes from being challenged, growth comes from being brave, and growth is always a little edgy, a bit risque, a bit naughty even.

I know that you will have read lots and lots of lots of blogs, and I don’t want you to blog that way.

You see we are here to change the world baby, so we gotta do things a bit differently….

Blogging really helps your website’s SEO. And for the bonus round, you also get to build up your audience and be seen as the expert you are.

Blogging is really a long game strategy and forms a vital component of a well-rounded marketing plan.

Dive onto blogging like a badass and I will see you on the other side!

What Does Blogging Like A Badass Look Like


Find out how Blogging like a Badass is entirely different to blogging like a normal uptight person.


You are a Soul Method Marketer, your messages are REAL and you are here to SERVE your tribes, make their lives better, and ultimately alter the way we all operate in the world. So just a wee job then :). And as such your messaging and blogging will be entirely different too.


  1. Watch the video below

  2. Do the Journal Prompts (20 mins in total):

  • When my message is out there in the world I know that its entire purpose is to…
  • How will your blog be seen, where will you share it and how will you encourage people to read it?
  • What is the underlying message of your blog?
  • How will people learn to know, like and trust you even more from your blog?
  • How will  you encourage people to buy from you with call to actions at the end of your blog, where will you lead them, what is the next step for someone who has really connected with your message?