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Websites, you gotta have one!

Is that really true? Well no, it is not. Not every business needs a website, and you can in fact have a super successful business with no website, or worse yet, a crap one. The thing is, that people are attracted to YOUR energy, they will forgive a shit website if they vibe with you.

That said, we want you to have a cracking website, and this course is all about helping you to get just that.

Website Basics


We discuss wether or not you even need a website.

We discuss which website platform to use and a simple plugin that you can purchase so you can easily edit your own website.

We talk about domain names.

We discuss whether or not you should do your own website or pay someone to do it for you – I give you a checklist if you do decide to pay someone to do it for you.

Then we talk about factors that you need to consider before building your website.


Website can cost a tonne of money and can be so complicated if you don’t have the right knowledge or don’t do some serious pre-thinking first.


  1. Watch the video

2. Come up with a good few domain names, I suggest you keep it REALLY simple, don’t get too fancy, keep it short and for goodness sakes, let it say exactly what you do.  Your domain name matters to your SEO.

3. Write out what you would like your website to be able to do today, next year, in five years, and in ten years’ time – trust me, start with the end in mind, changing your website is expensive and very time-consuming.

4. Select a domain name and register it, consider carefully if you will have a .com or a domain.

5. Decide if you will do your own website or buy a pre-made template to do it yourself.

6. Settle on a website platform ie wordpress, squarespace, shopify etc.

7. Select someone to host your website. I recommend NoHassleWebsites (hosting is basically your website is stored on a server, you probably do not want the expense of having your own server unless you are a very large company, but make sure you select someone who has a grunty server which does not ‘go down’ all the time).