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Types of Selling: Up-selling; Down-selling; Cross-selling

Different Types of Selling


Here we explore upselling, downselling and cross selling, and introduce the concept of a value ladder.


There are a number of reasons to explore diffent types of selling.

  • Having an offering at every level means that have a solution for clients at different points in their journey.
  • Having ‘add ons’ means you can improve sales figures with little extra effort
  • Having a value ladder will include freebies/lead magnets too which
  • Having low end offers means that you can lead clients from cold to sold effectively


  1. Listen to this audio here – starts at 11:10

 2. Come up with your own Value Ladder (there is a sample here

3. Make connections with others and make a plan for cross-selling in the future

4. Plan your up-sell and down-sell products and strategies