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Blogging – Steps For Prep


Here we talk a little bit about the style of your blog and how to go back and add a bit of structure to your blog… but only AFTER you have vomited out the real message.


The message is the message and should not be tampered with, however, you CAN go back afterwards and make it readable – just don’t go DAILING DOWN ANY OF THE RANT!


  1. Listen to the audio here

2. Have a look at some other blogs to decide your style of blogging – but don’t be swayed what you ‘think’ is what people ‘want’. Remember to be successful you need to stand out. Be you – and just you – that is the secret to success.

3. Download a message/rant/blog and then practice going back and answering the 5Ws, Who, What, When, Where, Why, how.

4. Think about how you will lead your reader beyond the heading, what story, analogy or description would entice a reader to dive deeper into your blog message?

5. Think about how you will SHOCK your reader, how will you evoke deep emotion, how will you ensure that your message will have IMPACT? You are here to change the world right?

6. Add some headings and subheadings to lead your reader through the blog. Bullet points are also great.

7. SEO the page (there is a training on this later on). Use keywords and a meta description, tag alt your picture, and add at least one internal link, plus an external link if you can

8. Add a call to action to your blog – what are you currently selling that matches this message? And how can you segway into that?

*I know this is a lot, we can talk about this is the facebook group, or in the coaching call if you are part of one of my groups.