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The Sales Script

The Sales Script


Ok, I promised you a sales script and here it is. But honestly, there are so many different variations. Have a look at these sales scripts and then take them and make them your own.


A sales script HAS to be in your own language. If it is not, it will just sound fake. But, in saying that there IS a certain structure that you want to follow.


  1. Listen to this audio
  2. Peruse the sales scripts

Sales script one

Sales script two

Sales script three

3. I suggest starting with just one sales script that resonates with you and then alter it to be in your own tone so it is aligned for you and your soul mate clients.

4. Then first off, practice it in the mirror till you are super confident, and then either buddy up with someone from the facebook group or find a few friends to be your ‘guinea pigs’ and do at least 10 practice sales calls.

5. I recommend using something like zoom so you can record the calls and play them back, or you could use an app like ‘Tape A Call’ if you are doing phone calls instead of video calls – I know it is painful, but this is the way that you get really good!

6. Watch and learn. Review each of the 10 sales calls and reflect on:

  • What did I do well?
  • What would I consider changing next time?
  • Where was I letting the client off the hook and therefore not digging into the REAL stuff?
  • How was I acting like the clients best friend and guiding their decision-making with real honest clarity to serve their highest good?
  • Are the words and format vibing with me, or do they need tweaking?


7. One final extension activity for you: Write out a one-page statement on who you CHOOSE to be going forward as the woman who shows up in alignment for EVERY sales call and lands ALL the soul mate clients from this day forth?