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Setting up Your Podcast

Setting Up Your Podcast


We dive into what your podcast will be about, what your message is, and how that will all roll out for you.


Doing the pre-thinking about your podcast now will save you SO much time later on.


  1. Watch the video below

2. Set up your anchor podcast and/or Lybson Podcast

3. Set up a account (if you have not already done this in a previous module)

4. You can now create a podcast using the web version of Anchor – AND – Create an intro and outro and save that your episodes! Watch this little video I made for you here.

  • The way to get an audio file from dropbox to anchor is different on mobile and desktop. To do this on desktop, simply download the file from Dropbox and drag it into the episode builder box :). FYI you can also now take a video file and upload it to Anchor library and it will extract jus the audio for you! How cool is that? Here is some more information from Anchor