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Selling to Different Personality Types


This course covers a large amount of content! Here we look at personality types and how to sell to those different personality types and then move into closing the sales and dealing with objections.

This is actually a live training call with my mastermind group and it is jam packed full of info, so dive on in…

There is one large sales training audio for this course which covers all of the lessons. What I suggest you do is listen to the audio once through in its entirety, and then replay the section relating to each lesson topic and do the homework before moving on to the next lesson.

Selling To Different Personality Styles


There are four main persoanlity styles and there are certain ways to communicate with, and sell to each. We dive into how to recognize the personaility types first and then talk about how to sell to each type.


Knowing your potential client’s personality type will allow you to meet their needs and answer the question ‘what’s in it for me’? allowing you to close even more sales! This really is a secret sales tip that gets banging results every time.


  1. Listen to this audio here

2. Write what you have learnt about each of the four personality types: Playful, Powerful, Precise, Peaceful. Be sure to include how you would recognise them on a sales call. This will cement your learning and provide you with a list that you can pin to your office wall.

3. Reflect on the last 10 sales conversations you had and try to place each persons dominant personality type.

  • Did you do a good job of selling to the personality type?
  • Why? Why not? 
  • What would you do the same next time?
  • What would you do differently next time?