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Live Events, Webinars, Workshops as Lead Magnets

Live Events, Webinars, Workshops as Lead Magnets


We talk about ‘live’ type events. Please note that you could use a live event, webinar or a workshop as a lead magnet or the ‘warm cookies offer’ that comes after the lead magnet.

We also talk about numbers that you need to aim for in order to ‘fill an event’ and I show you how to work all those numbers backwards to get to your target. These numbers apply to all lead magnets.

  • Just be aware that I say this is the last lesson in the audio training, but I have reordered this course so that you learn all about the types of lead magnets before creating your sales funnel.


Live type events are AWESOME for conversions especially if you are magnetic. They do take more work, but also happen to more fun!

It is important to mention here that you will want a number of different lead magnets leading into your funnel. For sure, you want to start off with just one and test what works – certainly start off with whatever is easiest for you. But ultimately, you want numerous lead magnets to cover all learning styles and preferences.


  1. Listen to the audio training here

2. Have a play with a few tech tools, create a slide in Google Drive and save it as a PDF, get a zoom account if you don’t have one and try recording a session and get used to sharing the screen (this is done using the green envelope looking icon down the bottom of your zoom screen)

3. Plan out your event from pain island to fantasy island and the steps in between and plan what you on-sell irresistible offer is