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Just fluffing Do It

Just Fluffing Do It


No fluff, no bullshit, this is how you launch that MF now.

Ok sugar plum, let’s do this!

I know and you know, that you are here to change the world.

And in order to change the world you have get your shit out there.  But this is what generally happens…

1. You get a great idea in the shower

2. You think, yup I will get to that later on

3. Then you brain starts in on the HOW

4. Then it all starts feeling REALLY hard

5. Then you start coming up with excuses about why you should later

6. Then you loose enthusiasm for the project

7. Then you get a new idea, lather, rinse and repeat

There are some things I need you to know right now before you dive into the recorded workshop training and matching resource PDF:

Those ideas are gold, if they come to you while you are feeling good, THEY are the ones that you want.

When you take for evvvver to launch you loose the power of the idea.

You must not create ANY content before you have sold your first item/place.

And the most important you CAN launch in 3 days, it can be done trust me, it works.

And those who launch and make offers all the time are the ones with all the clients.


When you fluff arse around, you lose all momentum. Us entrepreneurs love to make shit hard for ourselves, but the truth is that you could launch every damn week if you chose to – you just need to cut the crap out and this video training with my mastermind shows you just how to do that.


  1. Watch the video

2. Download the workbook at the bottom and follow the workbook for the three days exactly as it laid out.