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Introductory Content and Unique Selling Points (UPS)


Find out all about USP, what it means, and how to discover yours.


Finding your USP is the BASIS for your messaging, doing this one thing will help you to clarify your messaging. When you can ‘boil down’ what it is that you do, you will make it really clear for you and your clients both – and that is GREAT news because a confused mind won’t buy.


  1. Listen to the video below.

2. Write out your own Unique Selling Point and ‘re-purpose’ it in at least 3 different locations. 

3. Do you own USP Script using this template

USP Script: 

PBS (insert company) 

is the only Spa (insert what you are) 

that works at a soul level (insert what you do) 

by really slowing you down and taking you deeper (insert what you how you do it) 

so that you can fully relax and let go n(insert your goal for your client) 

without having to take an expensive and time-consuming holiday (insert what they WON’T have to deal with, what they will AVOID by working with you).