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How To Prepare Yourself For a Sales Call

How To Prepare Yourself For A Sales Call


In this lesson we dive into how to show up like a sales QUEEN! I share my juicy tips with you so you can let your best self shine.


It is important that the REAL you comes out in your sales calls (and all other sales activites) so that your best and most aligned clients will buy from you.


  1. Listen to this audio
  2. Print out this resource and keep it handy, you will be a sales super star VERY soon
  3. Sales Calls reminders:

👑 Get grounded BEFORE your call

👑 Be yourself, people are attracted to your energy, not clever words.
If they don’t trust you they won’t buy from you. And, remember darling, you are good enough, just you as you are, with what you are offering right now, are MORE than good enough.

👑. Try jumping up and down, listening to your ‘theme song’ or do the ‘Grrrrreeeat’ exercise to get your best vibe on.

👑 Create some habits around your sales calls/activities ie have a certain drink (please make it warm), use the same essential oils, have your lucky crystal etc, and say your ‘sales intention prayer’. What is a sales prayer? Well, anything you like!

***This is what I state before I do any sales activities, whether that be a social media post, a podcast, live event, or a sales call to make sure that I am aligned with, and operating out of soul. “Dear God, angels, and guides, please help me to step back and out of the way today so that you may shine through me. I know that whatever happens in this session is exactly what my potential client needs to hear at this particular time, and I ask that you allow me to be of service today. If this client is a soul match and it would be of mutual benefit for my client, myself, and the world please make the answer be a HELL YES!

👑 Press your brave button (if you don’t have one, ask me to install one for you), or try grabbing your thumb

👑 Connect with your client using the eyes, heart, vibe method

👑 Use reflective listening

👑. Make sure you cut the cords at the end of your session/sales activities (if you don’t know how to do this, just ask me)