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Getting Them Saying Yes

Getting Them Saying Yes


I teach you about what your clients need to hear from you in order to buy from you, and then I teach you how to dig deeper into what the clients problem is so that you can REALLY meet your clients needs and close the sale. Then we look at a little sales trick – getting them saying yes.


Your clients need to have certain things answered in order for them to buy.

Once a client starts saying yes, their brain flips a switch to solution focus and makes closing the sale far more likely.


  1. Listen to this audio here – starts at 20:16

2. Practice the art of getting people to say yes. Try it out on the next 20 or so people you converse with (does not have to be in business) and then make a list of strategies that worked for you and which did not. Note if personality styles had anything to do with who you managed to get saying yes.

3. Write a list of questions you will ask during your sales activities to get your future clients saying yes.

4. Plan at least two questions for the following:

  • Facebook Ads
  • A blog post
  • a sales call
  • marketing literature