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Blogging – Steps For Prep

Blogging – Steps For Prep


Find out how Blogging like a Badass is entirely different to blogging like a normal uptight person.


You are a Soul Method Marketer, your messages are REAL and you are here to SERVE your tribes, make their lives better, and ultimately alter the way we all operate in the world. So just a wee job then :). And as such your messaging and blogging will be entirely different too.


  1. Listen to the audio here

2. Practice the steps to writing a badass blog:

  • Connect to your vision
  • Read your goals
  • Say your affirmations
  • Do your journaling which ends in “what do my tribe need to hear today”

3. Write out a ranty blog from soul, DO NOT censor yourself and DO NOT think

4. Think up a headline for your rant/blog/message and then play around with it in headliner (a software system which analysis your headline)

5. Capture the main emotion from your blog and then find a picture to match it – I use canva for this