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Full Blast Training Extravaganza

Full Blast Training Extravaganza


Email marketing love it or hate it, it is beneficial for the following reasons

1. You have control over the list and it is not affected by algorythyms

2. You can use it to build awareness of your brand

3. It is a ‘safe’ way for people to get to know you

4. You can share what ever you like, upload files, videos, links etc

5. You can create an onboarding series of emails for newbies, courses, lead magnets

6. You don’t HAVE to use it to sell so take a chill pill and find out why I think email marketing is great. 


  1. Watch the video

2. If you don’t already have a mailing system then start with Flodesk

3. Create your own email on-boarding series following the format outlined in the training

4. Decide what ‘flavour’ you want your mailing list to take on

5. Decide the purpose of your mailing list and create your first three emails (you can schedule them)

6. Share the link to your mailing list EVERYWHERE, you can put it on your facebook page, share it with friends etc…

7. If you have a physical shop you can download the app onto an ipad and have your clients sign up to your mailing list as they enter your store

8. Have some fun with it, if you feel icky, the email will feel icky and peeps will feel that