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Finding Key Words To Use for SEO

Finding Key Words To Use For SEO


Here we look at what key words are and how to find suitable key words for your website plus I share some really cool secrets and cheats around keywords for you.


Without key words you will not get enough eyeballs (or the right eyeballs) on your website.


  1. Watch the video

2. Research your competitors and see which key words are working for them using the Key Words Everywhere extension
(link below)

3. Do some internal research and ask your clients what phrases they would search to find the solutions you offer

4. Look at Quora and Answer the Public (links below) to see what key phrases people are searching to do with your area of offerings

5. Set up the yoast focus phrase (keyword) on each of your pages on your website

6. Make sure that your keyword for each page is featured in all of the following:

 – title of the page

– the first sentence (preferably the first 3 words)

– three times in the first paragraph

– another 7 times throughout the page 



Answer the Public

Key Words Chrome Extension