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Email marketing! eek! There is so much bollocks around this. We dive into how to really write an email and how to be your real self in emails in a way that attracts your real tribe.


Your real tribe buy from you! You don’t need a big email list, you just need engaged peeps who love you and your content.


  1. Listen to the video below.

2. Write an on-boarding email sequence (or fluff yours up to be more soul-aligned). Don’t forget to answer:

what’s in for me;

will I vibe with this tribe;

what are the rules here/what is normal here.


1 welcome, tell them why they will like it here;

2. What I do – why I am different, maybe inc a video;

3. Highlight pain points and solve an easy one;

4. Case study/testimonial to create FOMO;

5. Ask them to take the next step