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Deciding Which Pages to Include on Your Webstie

Deciding Which Pages to Include on Your Website


We talk about creating your own website to begin with and which pages to include on your website and what content could be on each one.


Creating your own website until you reach a certain point in business is a good idea, because at the beginning of your business you will refine what you do over and over again. There is little point spending $15K on a website that you will want to change later on.


  1. Watch the video

2. Brainstorm what pages you would like to include on your website

3. Take one piece of A3 paper for each page of your website and write the title of the page in the middle of the paper, remember names are important for SEO

4. For each page of your website, put post-it-notes for the content you will include on this page, I recommend using one colour post-it-note for this so that you can interchange them between pages as you go

5. Add the one action you want your website visitor to take on each page (and use a different coloured post-it-note) these will become your call-to-action buttons

6. Make a list of internal and external links you could have on each of the pages

7. Make a list of testimonials that will go onto each website page

8. Consider what video you could put on each page and what points you would cover in each of those videos (video is key for SEO)