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Creating Your First Funnel

Creating Your First Funnel


Here we take your planning steps from lesson one and create your funnel.


It is time to make your funnel – a simple funnel, it REALLY does not have to be complicated, in fact, the simpler it is, the better!


  1. Listen to the audio here

2. Decide where your clients will FIND the beginning of your funnel – FB ads? Email campaign? Other? And decide how your clients will get your Lead Magnet, will you email it to them (and therefore capture their email addresses for further marketing) or will they get access to it on your landing page directly?

3. Create a Landing Page for your prospective clients to land on – this is where you will direct people after they have landed on your FB ad or opened the email. You can either use your own website or something like MailChimp.

4. Decide the call to action which will be on your landing page

  • Make sure the call to action is the right step for your client’s needs
  • Only ever have one call to action – a confused mind will not buy
  • Make sure that where ever you are leading your client to (ie a call with you) is set up properly with your branding and check all the links work! this part is important.
  • Make sure that whatever your offer is on your landing page is like warm cookies – irresistible! This offer should be a taster of working with you, remember this is a funnel not a sales pitch – lead them along it, let them get to know like and trust you – play the long game

5. Have a crack at creating a video for your landing page to get some practice

6. Now actually implement your funnel

  • set up up the FB ad or the email with your Lead Magnet
  • Set up the landing page
  • Test the landing page and links
  • Get promoting!