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Creating E-Books As Lead Magnets

Creating E-Books as Lead Magnets


Here we learn how to create an e-book several easy peasy ways and also how to get out of your way and create amazing stuff!


E-books are great because they STICK AROUND. If you create an audio file, it is listened to and then forgotten, whereas if you create an e-book you can add a link in canva so a person can click through to your CTA straight away and you will therefore increase your conversions.


  1. Listen to the e-book audio here

2. Make sure that you have your branding palette sorted first (and if you don’t then do the Branding Like a Boss module first)

3. If you don’t already have a canva account, get one here. You don’t need a paid account to create a great e-book, however if you have a paid account you can store your brand palette and access all the pro photos free – it is a very viable option

4. Use a template from canva that you like and have a crack at making your first e-book – remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE

5. Now try creating a powerpoint in Google Drive and download that as a pdf – just so you have some practice with creating e-books in several ways

6. Have a crack at turning your PDF into a typeable PDF using this software here

7. If you create a super long e-book and need to join several PDF docs together you can use this software


  • Your e-book needs to have pics of you – people need to know like and trust you
  • stick to one topic
  • keep it really simple – my most loved e-books are the ones that I think omg there is NOTHING in there! We make it too complex because ‘we get this stuff’ – we live and breathe it, our clients do not
  • Use bullet points
  • Make the formatting interesting, un-cluttered, ascetically pleasing
  • Stick to your branding colours
  • Stick to something you know well
  • Have a cover page
  • Have an intro page
  • Intro you as the expert
  • Tell them why they want what you got
  • Tell them the content
  • Tell them why they need to take the next step with you
  • Make a warm cookies offer – what can they NOT REFUSE to say yes to
  • Tell them EXACTLY what to do to get your offer
  • Create some urgency around the offer, if you don’t give peeps a reason to buy now, they will put it off until tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes!

Here is an example of an e-book for you