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Closing The Sale

Closing The Sale


We explore some methods for closing the sale.


The last part of the sales call is the MOST IMPORTANT because this is where people start to feel the fear and resistance. Remember, we are not convincing anyone to purchase anything that will not serve them, we are actually best their best teammate at this point in the sales call by HELPING them to move past the fear and actually FINALLY get the solution that is going to work for them.

If you don’t really believe your product or service is the solution, then don’t offer it.

We are here to SERVE our clients, the money will come when we are serving from soul. Never sell from a place of scarcity, you will end up with yucky clients and a dwindling business.


  1. Listen to this audio here – starts at 26:26

2. Ask three friends to be a practice client for you to complete sales calls on – be sure to pick people who will be HONEST with if even if it hurts and people whose opinions matter to you (also helps if they fit your target market). Ask them for feedback on what you did well and what you could improve on in regards to ‘closing the sale’