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Bonus Training on Lead Magnets, what to say when, and how to seed ideas for the next step in your funnel as you go.

Bonus Training on Lead Magnets


Kate is one of my stellar Business Acceleration Club members and here you get to watch me pulling her Lead Magnet to bits and putting it back together in way that sprinkles the seeds which we will nurture in our sales funnel later on.


Watching is a super fast to learn. I could (and have explained) this to you before, but seeing it live in a training is much more useful!


  1. Watch the video

2. Review and revise your own Lead Magnet

3. Have a wee think about your own sales funnel and customer journey and see if your lead magnet offering makes sense for where the customer is at right at the beginning of your journey.

4. Map out your funnel AGAIN… what is the final step to purchase? Does the lead magnet lead to that?

  • Make sure you are leading your customers to draw the conclusion that you are the gal to work with
  • Give them the low hanging fruit but not the actual goods – leave them wanting and needing more
  • Show yourself as the skilled professional you are – you are gonna have to ice your own cake darling
  • ASK for the next step – CLEARLY