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Bonus: Thinking about FUNnels in a whole new way

FUNnels But Not As You Know Them


Funnels should be FUN, the clue is in the name after all! But we go about it the wrong way and wonder WTF our Sales Funnels don’t work.

So… we dive into WHAT YOUR FUNNEL might be – the real one, that is aligned to you, the one that actually works!


Being a fake ass effer does not work, we know this right? And Sales Funnels are no different, if you are trying to ‘push’ something that is not aligned, it is gonna feel blah and not get the results you could be getting. I mean, sure it will work, to some degree, but it won’t be ON FIRE!!!


  1. Here is your training, go ahead and listen here!

2. Then map out your own FUNnel!