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Audio & Video Lead Magnets

Audio & Video Lead Magnets


Find out who audio and video trainings are most suited to and when and why I would use them. Then learn a really simple way to record and share these trainings. We chat about equipment and how to get good sound quality.


Audio and video trainings are so super easy!


  1. Listen to the audio training here

2. Get a drop box account and try recording straight into there!

3. Start a you-tube channel if you don’t already have one, so you can share your videos easily. Here is how you do that. Be sure to upload your logo instead of your own photo for the ID.

4. Explore either zoom or loom for screen recording purposes. I like loom for really quick things, you can record and share straight from loom which is very handy, but you can only record 5 minutes on the free account. If I want to make a longer video or do cool things like draw on my screen and highlight words etc and draw arrows then zoom is great, but you will need to record it to your computer and then upload the recording to your youtube channel.