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Sales Does Not Equal Sleasy

Welcome to Making Sales Delicious

Making sales delicious is so much easier than you think. This entire course will help you to see that sales really can be delicious if you just see it the soul marketing method way!

After this course you are going to feel GREAT about selling and serving your tribe, we dive into mindset (of course) PLUS I give you the things you think you want to scaffold you into making sales easy and delicious aka the sales scripts and to be great at ‘selling’.

Sales Does Not Equal Sleazy


In this first lesson, Sales Does Not Equal Sleazy I share with you the crux of marketing the soul method way. I tip everything on its head (surprise surprise) and help you to see things in a whole new light.


When you change HOW you think about sales, you will bust through the unseen barrier holding you back and see your sales soar!


  1. Listen to the video below.
  2. List all the ways that your product(s)/service(s) do good in the world and serve your tribes. Write at the bottom of these bullet points “If I am not showing up to serve my clients then they are not getting what they need in order to live their best lives”
  3. Put this list up in your office and look at it daily
  4. If you really need for these to sink in and BECOME a part of your beliefs you might wish to do these further activities too
  • In journal every night, notice HOW you served your tribe today – or – how one of your products really made a difference for someone. Remember where attention goes, energy flows.
  • Add a copy your statements from number 2 to your morning journal
  • Write out the 5 WORST things (and go really big and bad) that would happen in the world if you did not show up serve your tribe, ie would they get diabetes, would their kids be forced to stay small and stuck in a box without your soul stretching, brain stretching product?